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Install AdBlock Chrome Extension To Disable Ads Of Website

Google Chrome is increasing its popularity as a famous Web Browser. I think it is so much popular for its huge collection of extensions. Today I’ll share AdBlock Chrome Extension.

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AdBlocks blocks  the ads of a webpage for a better experience. Also, many ads in online are listed with malicious codes which automatically download on our computers when we click on them. Adblock prevents us from such codes by disabling the ads.

It is the most popular Chrome extension, with over 4 million users.

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AdBlock blocks all advertisements :

  • All web pages
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Hulu


It also helps to load a website faster way. Finally, it save your PC from spyware, malicious virus etc.

Download: AdBlock Chrome Extension


If you are Adsense publishers, you can use these Chrome Extensions:

Install Adsense publisher Toolbar From Chrome Web Store

Install Pagerank & Alexa Toolbar Extension


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10 thoughts on “Install AdBlock Chrome Extension To Disable Ads Of Website

  1. AdBlock Plus is a great tool to block ads or pop-up. It has given me a sigh of relief from unnecessary pop-ups coming up every now and then while browsing the websites.

    AdBlockers can also help advertisers to revive lost revenue.

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