Create And Share Your Own Theme In Chrome Browser

Create And Share Your Own Theme In Chrome Browser

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Chrome is the most popular browser among users. Chrome is already become the 2nd most popular browser. Everyone loves it for its launching speed & unique extensions. I am also fan of Chrome.

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Today I’ll share a special Chrome extension by which you can build own theme & enable it in Chrome browser.

We already know in Chrome Store there are tons of Chrome themes. But if you don’t love these themes you can create by yourself & use it as Chrome Theme. It will be amazing to watch your own creation.

Here is the process how you can make custom theme.

Visit My Chrome Theme Extension.

Install it.


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In three simple steps you can make Chrome Theme:

1) Import an image from your computer to use as your theme background. Adjust the size of your image, placement, and more.


2) Add some color to the rest of your theme by customizing the omnibox, tabs, and remaining parts of the browser.


3) Name your completed theme and install it on your own Chrome, or share it with others on Google+ or through a unique URL.

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So make a custom Chrome theme for yourself & amaze your friend.

Let your creative juices flow!


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  1. Hi karim!
    i have not heard this type of service but as you defined building chrome theme so i think i will definitly use it.i like it.
    thanks for joining this.

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