Lets Celebrate Year 2014 With Facebook Year Review Feature

2014 is going to end soon. In this year we passed our day with sad & happiness which we shared in Facebook. Now its time to share all your 2014 life style with Facebook Year Review Feature.

Facebook already launched some great apps which increase Facebook popularity:

Facebook Thanks App To Friends

Special Facebook Browser- Rockmelt Browser

Facebook Page Android App


Previously Facebook Thanks App To Friends got huge response from Facebook users. Now Facebook Year Review feature seems will get huge response too. In this feature, you’ll see all your Facebook share at a glance. The most favourite works in Facebook will be highlighted here. You can also add any other pictures too. It has customize option.


Facebook Year in Review App will memorize your 2014 memorable moments. Mainly the most pictures which get most likes & shares added in collage. It has customize option. You can also add any picture in collage or delete any picture.

It has six themes. You can choose any of them.


facebook theme


How To use Facebook Year Review Feature:

At first, log in Facebook

Then click Facebook Year in Review app

It will show all the review of 2014 from your account. If you want to modify any of them, just click customize.

You can change Default Theme.

Then click Share.

Mission Accomplished.


So whats are you waitng for? Create your own Facebook Year in Review & share with your friends & Don’t forget to add Mark Zuckerburg in your friend list 🙂


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    Wow nice article.It is very stylish, good looking and has wonderful features. Thanks for review features.

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