Facebook Launched Subscribe Feature To Follow Updates From Non Friends

Facebook Launched Subscribe Feature To Follow Updates From Non Friends

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Facebook is constantly changing its interface. It is  also adding new features one by one. Today I share new feature of Facebook – Subscribe Feature. By this feature users can follow their favorite authors, personalities, journalists, artists, political figures, co-workers and read their public updates in your News Feed. This feature allows you to follow them, even if they are not your friends.


Facebook users subscribe to you means they are following you and if you post anything or comment on others they will receive a notification. You can also send message to your subscribers and you can subscribe as many persons as you want. But according to adding new friends, there is a limit of 5,000 friends. So if you’re not friend you can still track others. Isn’t it interesting!

It’s easy to subscribe other Facebook users. Just go to the desired facebook profile. At the top you can see word written ‘Subscribe’. Take your mouse over it & you can choose what they see and if you don’t like you can ‘Unsubscribe’ too. But if anyone wants to subscribe you, you also need to activate subscribe option. Go Subscribe page. Now activate subscribe option. Here you can also limit who can subscribe, comment & see your information. subscribe, comment & see your information. Next time you can see how many subscribes you.

So what do you think about this new feature? 


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  1. Yes, this is very interesting feature of Facebook. Though there is a limit of new friends but still We can track people by subscribing them.

  2. Right. They just launched this feature and i’m really grateful since this is one great way to engage to my potential customers and build relationship with them. There’s no doubt that in the future, this feature will be used by internet marketers.

  3. As Google+ has officially launched, Facebook is now going to get a tough competition. But Facebook is preparing itself by constantly changing its interface to fight against Google+. And the new “subscribe” feature is quite interesting. Wish Facebook a good luck.

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