Scan Old Photographs with Google Photo Scan App to Back Life Again

In the old days, we take photos through cameras then wash them by Digital Lab. So most of us still have lots of old photo in collection. These images represent memories from our past, do not have to be lost.

photo scan android app

Google created an app which helps bring these forgotten pictures back to life in very high quality.

Google recently launched PhotoScan app same as an image scanner. This PhotoScan program uses the camera of your phone to capture images to make digital copies. It is a quick and easy way to save old photos without having to spend money on new equipment.


The PhotoScan app uses new technology to improve the capturing process. This makes it possible to take a picture of a photo with a camera phone.

photo scan app

After opening the app, the user first position the desired photo within the camera’s frame. When this is done, four small circles appear in different places over the photo. The user then moves the phone over each of the circles which change the color after the process is fully complete.

And that’s all! The app finds the edges of the photo, straightens the image and puts it in the right position while removing glare. It also adjusts picture brightness, auto enhance, unique new looks, clear darkness, warmness, saturation & makes a new look.


From this point, the pictures can easily be saved to the Google Photos app or somewhere else according to your wish. If you save your picture in Google Photos, images are organized by face or place and can easily be searched.


google app

Advantage of PhotoScan:

  •  Glare free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow
  • Automatic cropping based on edge detection.
  • Straight, rectangular scans with perspective correction.
  • Smart rotation, so your photos stay right-side-up no matter which way you scan them.

PhotoScan is now available  for both Android and iOS.

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