Monitor Android Phone Battery With Battery Monitor Widget App

Monitor Android Phone Battery With Battery Monitor Widget App

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Battery Monitor Widget App is one of the best app in Google App stores. This apps will give you all battery information about your Android mobile. You’ll know %, mA, mW, mV, temperature of battery in details. You’ll also know how long the charge will remain, the age of the battery, battery performance etc. It also helps to improve battery run-time. It can be regarded as complete tool to monitor your android mobile battery.


Battery Monitor Widget android App


Battery Monitor Widget App Features:

  • It measures battery capacity by using previous historical data.
  • It display all the information with colourful graphics, scrollable and can be easily zoomable.
  • It alarms to show special battery data (measures with voltage and temperature limits)
  • You can save information of batteries for unlimited times.
  • It supports multiple battery

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Battery Monitor Widget android App


It is a paid app. The price is $1.24. I suggest you check free version of Battery Monitor Widget first.

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N.B. Battery Monitor Widget App doesn’t show all phones report accurate – mA


Battery Monitor Widget android App


Information on Battery Monitor Widget App:

UPDATED: March 8, 2013



SIZE: 1.3M

PRICE: $1.24

Download Link: Battery Monitor Widget App


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