Facebook Launched Facebook App Home For Android Smartphone

Facebook Launched Facebook App Home For Android Smartphone

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Recently Facebook launched special Android apps – “Home” for android phones. With “Home” apps, you don’t need to activate Facebook apps. When you switch on the smartphone, it automatically shows last update of Facebook status in your home screen. The interesting part – you can see update status as well as Facebook chatting bar.


facebook home app


Mainly with Home apps, you can see update status comment, like in the smartphone screen. Every notification will show individually.

Previously there is a rumor Facebook is launching next generation smartphone. But still there is no news about it. But it hopes that after launching Android app “Home” there is no situation to launch Facebook Smartphone. The researchers think, Facebook authority is working hard to increase facility for smartphone users. The earning from smartphone is increasing rapidly. So this app will certainly boost the earning.

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But everyone thinks that this app will certainly break one’s privacy. Because if “Home” app users loss the phone, other Facebook users information can also be shared by thief.


facebook home app


Special Feature of “Home” App:

  • Cover Feed:

In the home Screen of Android phone, you’ll see the latest posts from friends.


  • Friends fill the screen:

When you turn on your smart phone or press the home button, you see a latest posts from News Feed. Cover feed will highlight whatever friends are sharing now—photos, status updates etc.


facebook home app


Get notifications in Home Screen:

You can get notifications about calls, events, Facebook updates and everything on your home screen.


Chat Heads & Messenger:

You can continue chatting if you’re using other apps too.


App Launcher:

By this app you can use easily Facebook, Instagram etc.

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If you use Android smartphone you can download Android app “Home” for free.

Facebook Home App for Android will be available for download from Google Play Store on following devices:

  • HTC One X,
  • HTC One X+,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II.


Download the Home App for free from April 12


I think it is a great step by Mark Zuckerberg to promote Facebook more among Android users. So guys what do you think? Share your thought with us.


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