Dancing Line – Best Challenging Game

Dancing Line – Best Challenging Game

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Dancing Line is a new fast-paced game to follow the path. It has amazing soundtrack to create an experience like no other. As the level crosses, difficulty increases. each level paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The key is to not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also play to the music. You need to listen to the beat and the melody to win the level , and after a short while you will find yourself doing better and better.

dancing line android game

Game Rules:

You need to follow the grid line through a multiple of environments, listening carefully to the music. You need to touch the screen to make a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles and reacting accordingly to the changing lines before your eyes.


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Game Features:

1. Original background music.

2. Multiple levels increasing difficulty with new stories.

3. Simple practice mode with only one finger tap.

4. Music works as guidance.


So come on! Test your reflexes and rhythm skills! Enjoy the surprise and wonder every level waiting for you 🙂


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