Buy Dr.Web Anti-virus Android apps To Secure Your Device

Buy Dr.Web Anti-virus Android apps To Secure Your Device

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Have you secured your android device? Its important now for android users to keep their android smart phone safe by using security & anti virus apps. No one can guarantee when your device will be attacked by spam or virus.


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I already shared some popular security android apps. Today I am sharing another one for my users. It is Dr.Web Anti-virus. It protects your mobile device from viruses and spam. This popular anti-virus created from leading Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web.


According to Dr.Web Anti-Virus,
Dr.Web anti-virus provides your mobile device with the constant anti-virus protection, the intelligent SMS and calls filtering and the tools to find your device in case it is lost or to defeat thieves in case it is stolen. The application does not affect the operating system performance, and does not reduce the battery life. You can use simple and handy desktop widgets to access the application.


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Key Features:

  • Constant anti-virus protection and threats neutralization. The anti-virus check of the file system is carried out by file monitor SpIDer Guard, which scans in the real-time mode all the files being saved in the device memory.
  • On demand scanning is carried out by a specific component – scanner. Dr.Web anti-virus allows to perform quick and full scan of the file system or scan only critical files and folders.
  • The detected threats can be deleted or moved to quarantine, where you can review the detailed information on the potential malware.
  • SD-card protection from contamination by autorun files and Exploit.Cpllnk, which represent a threat to Windows.
  • The small size of updates for virus databases allows to save the traffic and your money if you are using the limited mobile tariffs.
  • Detailed statistics on the anti-virus operation.
  • Two handy widgets to choose from to manage the anti-virus protection (sizes 1х1 and 4х1).

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  • Selection of calls and SMS filtering modes.
  • Creation of your own filtering profiles.
  • Black list editing. You can add the contacts, from which you would like to block all incoming calls and SMS, into the black list.
  • Viewing blocked calls and SMS.
  • Anti-theft helps to find the mobile device in case it is lost or stolen as well as remotely delete all personal information from it. Anti-theft can be managed by sending special SMS to the device.

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Anti-theft allows:

  • enable the device blocking function on its restart
  • block the device and require entering the password to unlock it
  • limit the number of errors on entering the password to unlock the device
  • unlock the device by sending an SMS-command
  • get the GPS-coordinates of the device as a link to Google Maps
  • remotely delete the information stored on the SD-card
  • activate a sound alert on the device and to block the screen
  • enter your own text which will be displayed on the blocked screen
  • create a list of friends, who will receive notifications on changing the SIM-card on your device. You will be able to manage Anti-theft and to unlock the device from their numbers in case you forgot your password.

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URL filter Cloud Checker

  • Filter Cloud Checker protects the user of the mobile device with the default Android browser from the undesirable Internet resources. It can be configured to block all not recommended and potentially dangerous web sites or only certain categories: Drugs, Known virus sources, Obscene language, Terrorism, Violence, Weapon, Adult content etc.





SIZE: 2.4M

PRICE: $75.00

Download Link: Dr.Web Anti-virus Life license


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  1. Hi , the post is really cool , thanks for publishing these useful apps for us , It looks great , will try out soon

  2. I think that another abtivirus software should be also mentioned. I’m talking about NQ Mobile Security. It’s also a great anti-virus software but in addition to that it also have some extra features, such as traffic control, system optimization, etc. But it’s a paid application (there is a free version, but its functions are limited).

  3. Hi Karim!
    it is great and i wil try to use it and say to my friend about this software.because every mobile application have a problem like virus,spam obviously in android there are a chance to occur i like it.

  4. It is very important to keep our smartphone safe. So we need some verification app to ensure the safe of our smartphone. These anti virus apps seems useful.

  5. Keeping our Smartphone safe is really important nowadays .Especially when it is android platform.You have given a very good review on Dr web antivirus.But my question is why everybody is interested in paid antivirus solutions when we have great products like avast mobile security and avg mobile antivirus.

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