Business Calendar Android App – Best Tool To Arrange Schedule

Business Calendar Android App – Best Tool To Arrange Schedule

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Business Calendar android app is a professional android app which is regarded as one of the super tool to schedule your regular official work. You just need to save the schedule of any important appointment of any client or business related. Then on the given day it will show automatically in your mobile home screen before the appointment begins.


Business Calendar android app

Special Features of Business Calendar android app:

  • smooth scrolling option and zoom feature
  • Both graphical and textual presentation feature
  • Arrange schedule by agenda and event with year, month, week & day,
  • See the year in color
  • Search function
  • Easy navigation drag & drop system
  • Change the text font size according to need
  • Build in different widget design themes
  • Import/export functions of calendar files through the popular Calendar format (.ics, .ical)

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Business Calendar android app


It is a paid app. You have to buy with $4.99. There is also a free version of Business Calendar app but it will show advertise too. So I suggest you before buying paid Business Calendar app check the free version. If you watch regular TV in mobile phone, you can check the popular mobile apps to watch TV.


Business Calendar android app


Information on Business Calendar app:

SIZE: 1.4M

PRICE: $4.99

UPDATED: March 5, 2013


REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.0.1 and up

Download Link: Business Calendar Android App


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  1. This is one of the best app i had ever came through. This really helps you arrange you schedule and meetings well and don’t let you forget anything as long as it is with you.

  2. I really liked this app you can store reminders ,birthdays and many more and it will remind you all about that on the defined date without any complications. Its user interface is also very impressive and easy to understand.

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