Baidu’s New Smartphone With 100 GB Cloud Storage

Baidu’s New Smartphone With 100 GB Cloud Storage

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Chinese search giant Baidu recently opened a new chapter by launching smartphone. Baidu plans to offer a competitively low priced smartphone which has all latest features but the price will be cheapest. Smartphones are already become one of the greatest growth opportunities for tech investors. Mobile growth in China is already exploding day by day. Apple, Google, Samsung are already dominating mobile Kingdom.

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Baidu’s first low-cost mobile is Changhong H5018. It has Baidu’s  own mobile operating system, Cloud. Consumer Electronics manufacturer Sichuan Changhong Electric co- partner with Baidu produce the handset.

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It will be the first smartphone which runs with Baidu’s Cloud. It has 100GB cloud storage. Anyone can also access Baidu services such as search engine, maps, music and other apps. (Read: Google Drive Launched With 5 GB Free Space)

It is now available in China. The price is 899 yuan ($142). For its cheapest price it will a great competitor to other lowest Chinese smartphone companies like Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corp, HTC, Lenovo and Xiaomi.

Baidu’s director of international communications, Kaiser Kuo, said, “It’s a terrific market opportunity for us, and Baidu is constantly adjusting, understanding what users are interested in. The new handset is integrated with the cloud – and with our 100GB offering, I think that no one will be able to match that.”

He also added,”Mobile internet usage is booming. If Baidu doesn’t have a significant presence, they risk challenges to their business, and they could miss out on a new frontier,” .

So what do you think – Is this the right move for Baidu? Do you think Baidu Smartphone help mobile phone manufacturer’s costs?



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  1. That’d be a good and cheap smart phone. I’m from Malaysia and hope to get this one arrived here as well. My thoughts are based on the design.. nice.. green and black .. with a nice interface it has…

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