What Will Windows 8 Offer

What Will Windows 8 Offer

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Whenever there is a new, upcoming release for a Windows OS, the world of PC users holds its breath. Sometimes the changes are good. And then there’s Windows Vista. Microsoft seems to have learned their lesson with Vista though, and Windows 7 was a better, more solid entry. With Windows 8, things are changing again, and the look and functionality of Windows may never be the same.

The Developer Preview came out, and the information that reviewers and developers are providing is helping the rest of the public get ready for those changes. One of the good things is that most of the information and reviews of the new OS seem to be quite positive.


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The Different Interface :

The look, as mentioned is going to be different. The design of Windows 8 seems more reminiscent of a tablet or a mobile device than it does a traditional PC. Since Microsoft is developing the Surface tablet that will use Windows 8 as its OS, it starts to make sense as to why they had this shift in design and aesthetics. You will be able to add and arrange applications, change their order, delete them, and access them quickly and easily, just like so many mobile devices. This new interface, the Metro, promises to be interesting.

The apps on Metro can even display real time information, such as the weather, without needing to go into the app.

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The Speed is Faster :

One of the factors that all users are going to appreciate is the speed at which the computer will boot. Even though many thought Windows 7 was fast, the changes they made in allocating resources gives even more speed to the upcoming OS.

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Take Your Settings with You :

A feature that is sure to be popular is the ability of users to make a copy of their OS and put it on a thumb drive. One can then take the thumb drive to another computer that uses Windows 8, plug in the thumb drive, and make it look just like your own PC. This carries the entire OS – the settings, files, apps, and more.

These are just a few of the many interesting features that Windows 8 is going to have. With all of these changes, you are going to find plenty of detractors out there. Instead of jumping on either the pro or the con bandwagon, look at what it offers, test it, and see if it is right for you.


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