Top Five Reasons Not to Trust Software Products For Proofreading

Top Five Reasons Not to Trust Software Products For Proofreading

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Proofreading is the last but the most important task when you are finalizing any writing. You have to check every aspect of your text and your main aim is to make it perfect. However, in order to achieve it, you have to incorporate hard work. Some people think that proofreading with the help of Microsoft Word and editor is adequate; however, MS Word can only check the sentence structure or spelling mistakes but cannot find the main problems in the document. Therefore, it is not a wise decision to rely completely on MS Word, as it does not tell you the right words that can really make a difference in the meaning of your sentence.


Here are some of the important reasons that why you should proofread yourself or through an expert instead of relying on some software programs:


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The software might correct you with grammatical errors and sentence structure, but they do not take in consideration the coherence of your text. For example, if you are writing an article of 1000 words, you might be deviated from the main subject, which go unnoticed even when you read it yourself. Software will also not tell you about it but any other individual could easily point out after reading the text for one or two time. Even you can figure that out after reading your complete text for two or three times.


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Proper formats:

If you are writing something for publication in any journal, newspaper, magazine etc, you have to follow a certain format and pattern. Sometimes, there are also other requirements for publication that you might not be in your knowledge. Different journals and magazines have different style and formats that you have to follow. This can be done by reading about them comprehensively or taking guidance from someone who has experience of writing in journals or newspapers. Therefore, these things cannot be looked after through online software programs.



Plagiarism is one of the main problems faced by many students. Due to this problem, many students have to face failure in their academic assignment. MS Office cannot identify this problem and even free online software does not give accurate results. Therefore, you have to avail the service of some paid Turn it in software or proofreading company. Do not try to save some money on the cost of losing your efforts for nothing.


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Missing points:

Sometimes you might lack in knowledge about the text you are writing and addition of one point can make a huge difference in your work. Such addition cannot be incorporated through online editing software products. For these improvements, you need to show your work to some expert who has knowledge in the certain domain. You can take help of some relative or friend in order to get benefit from his/her experience.


Software products have limitations:

A software product surely helps you in proofreading, but remember, software products are not the originators of English and they cannot be perfect. Therefore, you must consult the person who has a good English writing skills or knowledge about the relevant field and he/she will be able to improve your assignment, resume or article in a much better manner than the software product.


Author Bio:

This guest post is written by Sarah Cornell who is a writer. She is working as a freelance writer from the past two years. Her research interest includes resume editing, editing articles, etc. and improving English grammar. She also writes for goproofreading site which is also a reliable proofreading service and also provides proof reading for research papers, essays, etc.


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  1. Well, if anyone is looking for 100% perfect proof reading then, its better to do it manually because these software always have their limitations and as said, it can’t be perfect in the English language. So, there will always be some faults that one will miss if uses software for proof reading.

  2. It is still wise to consult a professional proofreader to check your works than to rely with software. Software can have some glitches and only make the trouble double.

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