Top Features of Windows 8 and iphone 5

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Admittedly, people have long waited for the iPhone 5 and Windows 8. These two recent offerings have been like cookies in the jar lately. Everyone just wants to stick their hands on them.

But like any responsible shopper (yes, you are one!), you also want to know the striking features these products offer, right? Let this article give you a good list of the notable features of both Windows 8 and iPhone 5.



Windows 8 Top Features:

  • Faster boot time:

It might not sound new but Windows users would definitely agree. Each new Windows version offers faster boot time. Windows 8 provides better resource allocations so it records speedier booting than Windows 7. What the programmers did was to design a sort of hibernation technique so that your computer “remembers” the previous session. Booting becomes a lot faster with such technique.

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  • Innovative and interactive user interface:

The first thing you’ll notice about Windows 8 is its desktop design. Featuring a grid layout, Windows 8 encourages touch screen effects. Navigating on your desktop is like using your smartphone or tablet. It’s as if you’re just using apps. The best part of it is that the apps or icons in the desktop provide real-time updates such as your new emails and new messages.

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  • Mobile Windows:

Approriately called Windows to Go, this feature enables the user to have a complete copy of their OS with settings, files, apps into a mobile device such as your thumb drive. Plug it to another PC and reboot the computer. You’ll find your entire computer’s files and settings there, as if it is really your computer. It’s the perfect companion for on-the-go individuals.

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"iphone 5"

iPhone 5 Features:

  • Light build & larger screen:

iPhone users would easily feel the difference. iPhone 5 seems to be the lightest of all the iPhone models. It actually wigs around 112g thus making it  a good opponent to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a lot heavier. The 1135×640 screen resolution boasts of 326ppi. It also offers extra rows for more apps, and yes, navigation can still be through one hand.

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  • Camera:

The camera now auto-detects faces in camera mode and auto-focuses in video mode. Users can take stills while recording videos. The new iPhone also automatically recduces video file size to give users more convenience. The front camera, on the other hand, is now a 720p video making FaceTime connections clearer.

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  • Passbook app:

Moviegoers and travelers would love to see the Passbook App. It keeps boarding passes, movie tickets and other similar tickets for easy retrieval. Bar codes can be scanned right through the iPhone 5. No need to worry about losing your entry passes or worst, your airline tickets.


"iphone 5 large screen"


  • iOS6 software improvements:

The iOS6 is responsible for many must-have iPhone 5 features such as the improved Email App, more calling options, improved Siri functions, and deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter. These are actually the main selling points for iPhone 5.

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About Author:

Whether you’re for iPhone 5 or Windows 8, there would surely be one that suits your needs best. Just evaluate every choice. There’s nothing bad about having best of both worlds either. There is a range of different internet providers,  find out what is available in your area using Broadband Expert.

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Hassaan Khan October 18, 2012 at 3:55 am

Hi Ahsanul, Nice article. I read somewhere that Windows 8 is being launched with Microsoft Surface. Is that right?


Ehsan Ullah October 20, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Hey Ahsan, Great features shared by you, Thanks for it. I have been looking for features of Windows 8 from long time.


Tushar Agarwal October 25, 2012 at 8:42 am

Personally i dont like the new windows 8 modern ui. The standard desktop mode is more productive.
Tushar Agarwal recently posted…How To Fix Missing Icon Or White Icon Problem On iPhoneMy Profile


Anchit Shethia January 18, 2013 at 4:25 pm

Its a well written article but i feel that if you had discussed Windows and iPhone in 2 different posts, that would have been better. Also the font size.
But anyways..both the technologies have impressed me.
Anchit Shethia recently posted…Here’s a budget iPhone concept with a 3.5-inch displayMy Profile


Atif Imran February 4, 2013 at 2:14 am

You wrote a great review about the Windows 8 features . Hahaha but both things are unreachable .
Atif Imran recently posted…Top 16 Freeware Video ConvertersMy Profile


Aamir Saifi March 1, 2013 at 12:12 am

although i am not a fan of iPhone 5 but i just find windows 8 features interesting and most of you would love to explore


Prajwal July 4, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Well Windows 8 has one of the best user interface but some bugs have been pulling it down and with the recently launched windows 8.1 these bugs are yet to be completely solved. Hope windows 8.2 will be worth waiting.
Prajwal recently posted…Huawei M860 : The Thinnest Smartphone In The WorldMy Profile


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