Top 5 Stand Out Features of Android Jelly Bean OS

Top 5 Stand Out Features of Android Jelly Bean OS

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The recently launched latest operating system from Android, the Jelly Bean 4.1 OS comes with many significant improvements over the previous versions, which at least on paper look impressive enough to compete with Apple’s latest operating system, the iOS 6.

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While there have been a lot of minor changes and features upgradations that have taken place, most of them are not that ground-breaking to be discussed at length.

So let’s take a look at some of the stand-out features that make the Jelly Bean a killer OS:


1. Project Butter:

Though it can be termed as a hardware update rather than a feature per se, Project Butter has gone a long way to improving the overall performance and responsiveness of the Android OS.

It’s more of a under-the-hood improvement that has almost eliminated the lags which were earlier pestering Android phones and now the devices can be expected to run the OS significantly smoothly, thanks to the multitude of minor tweaks that have been made by the Project Butter team.


2. Google Now:

Considered as the most significant addition to the Android armory, Google Now is believed to be the technology that is going to be talked a lot about in the future. Essentially, Google Now is a rather mystical service that makes Android devices much more smarter than before and somehow lets users “Get just the right information, at just the right time”.

It is an immensely prospective technology to say the least that records repeated actions performed by a user on the device (such as search history) and displays the relevant information to the user in the form of cards based on that. The best part is that, according to Google, the cards appear throughout the day just when you need them, and all the latest information automatically appears, needing nothing but a swipe from the user.


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3. Keyboard:

Though there was nothing wrong with the keyboards in the previous versions of Android, Google, the innovator that it is, has figured out a new way of making your typing experience potentially smarter, easier and time-saving.

The new Jelly Bean keyboard lets users type a couple of words and based on that, it comes up with a few related guesses on what the next word could be and offers them as options.


4. Offline Voice Typing:

Another significant improvement is the Voice text, which is now integrated in the OS itself and won’t require a network connection. This is especially important since in the previous versions, if your device had a poor data connection, then the voice-to-text feature didn’t work at all, and that irritated users a lot.

So now even if you don’t have internet enabled in your device, you can still make use of the voice recognition feature. Seems Google has tried to imitate Apple and provide a Siri-like voice search since the previous one wasn’t coming off that well.


5. Notifications:

Google has really improved upon the notifications bar and made it a hell of a lot smarter to be able to do more things than ever. The notifications bar can now expand to show you a part of your inbox rather than just the pending mails.

Also the Google now cards that we talked about make their way into the notifications tray, allowing you to quickly snap up any relevant information you want by just opening the notifications instead of having to switch between apps for that.

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