Top 11 Reliable Blogs To Follow For 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics is knocking at the door. It will start from 27 July & lasts 12 Aug 2012. It will be watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world during August. But if you want to get some of the best coverage and comment online then following one or more of these blogs is a good idea.

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See full interactive schedule to all of the events at the London 2012 Olympics to plan your Games. Watch some of the most memorable Olympic performances and re-live some of the greatest Olympic stories of all time with our collection of great Olympic moments.

"Queen Elizabeth II"


This broadsheet paper also has one of the most popular news websites in the world and its sports coverage is second to none.

Expect plenty of live blogs and up-to-the-minute information provided by professional sports writers and other commentators throughout the Games.

You will also find some inventive interactive elements – Olympic Park in 3D which go beyond simple text, including polls and videos.

You should definitely check out the Fourth-Place Medal blog which is hosted on the Yahoo! Sports site if you want some irreverent and fun coverage of the Games.

It will be a good place to see some of the content you would not find elsewhere while also getting left-field coverage from engaging  correspondents.

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This site has a very desirable domain name and will also be one of the best independent sources of blogs and information during the Games this summer.

It has news as well as comment and will also a good place to find information relating to the Paralympics, all delivered in an easy-to-use, minimalist style. You can know all Olympic venues  as well.

"Italian Gymnastics"


Fans of the gymnastic events taking place at the Games should really check out this independent blog, which deals exclusively with this particular subject.

It is not quite as slick or professional as mainstream media blogs, but it has plenty of charm as well as passionate, knowledgeable contributors.

It is mainly a  website about the practice, performance and people of women’s artistic gymnastics


This is an engaging, lively blog which is colorfully designed and packed with posts and videos dealing with, as you might have guessed, the topic of swimming.

As well as giving you coverage of events, it will also be a good blog to visit if you want to find out when particular races are taking place.

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Since Twitter is a micro-blogging platform it shouldn’t be left off a list detailing the best places to learn about the London 2012 games.

As well as being able to follow sports correspondents for up-to-date information on the sporting events London, you can also follow many of the stars who will actually be taking part.

This should give you a unique insight into how people prepare for races and respond to victories or defeats.

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Since the BBC is going to be the home of Olympic broadcasting, you should really keep an eye on its sites and blogs if you want to keep abreast of how the Games are progressing.

While there will be plenty of audio and video content made available online, you will also be able to see the latest reports from the various stadiums.

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While the BBC may have the most coverage of the main Olympic Games, it is broadcaster Channel 4 which has secured the rights to the Paralympics in 2012, which means that its website will be the first place to go if you want content and coverage.

The site has lots of different features, including the video diaries of individual athletes which will help you to see how they are preparing for their time in the spotlight.


As well as covering the Games in full, the ESPN website will be a good repository of information for those who want to look back over the history of this event.

The site should match other mainstream outlets for the variety and volume of content that it contains, so since Sim Only has iPhone sim only deals you might want to get a decent data plan and access it from your smartphone.


The running events tend to attract a lot of attention so this site may be your best choice for information on during the Games.

It has guest bloggers and also content which goes beyond the Olympics. It’s a comprehensive source for those interested in running.

Real sports fans will consume content from blogs across a range of disciplines, so do not restrict yourself to just those on this list. Coverage comes in all formats and if you have a favorite site you can share it with your friends and spread the word about it.



Sarah James is a writer, blogger and contributor to technology sites and also has a keen interest in athletics and the Olympics. Since Sim Only has iPhone sim only deals she recommends it as a good source of information if you are deciding which phone to get ahead of the Games.

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  1. Now that the Olympics ended already, for sure must have newer and cooler idea. 🙂 More fun here. I do appreciate this for i actually love sports. 🙂 Thanks and God Bless.

  2. Your list was really helpful. I was able to be really informed about the Olympics. Thanks for the great post.

  3. I was following Yahoo Sports, they update it like every second. The pictures are really great as well. I was interested too in the other sites, I’ll definitely look them up. Thanks.

  4. Yahoo Sports was really great on this coverage. I followed them and their updates were unbelievably fast too. The pictures are in HD as well.

  5. Yahoo Sports updated each event unbelievably fast, faster than most of the other sites. It’s really detailed and it included some testimonials and insights too. The pictures are really in great quality as well.

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