Tips On How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Printer

Tips On How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Printer

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There is revelation of technology from the last decade and the Bluetooth technology has developed enormously. This exposure encourages the companies to develop on Bluetooth empowered devices.




Bluetooth technology is a one kind of wireless connection process which allows a user to get in touch devices to a computer without the need for cables. Printer companies also introduce Bluetooth printer.

By Bluetooth printer we can easily print documents remotely from any Bluetooth enabled device such as a computer or even a phone.

Sometime your Bluetooth printer may fail to function as expected here I have discuses how to troubleshoot Bluetooth printer.

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At the beginning ensure you have correctly installed software/driver on your PC. You might have Checked in Device Manager and find out if it is listed there – look into the driver for the printer. Also look into the “Device Status” and ensure “This device is functioning properly”. .


"printer installation"


The range is vital for Bluetooth device. So make sure your PC and printer in an appropriate range. Typically it differs from about 10 to 100 meters, within which the two nodes should be able to swap data.

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  • Confirm your PC setting to allow for Bluetooth device connection.
  • For ensure that, go to the control panel of your PC in Printers as well as other Hardware section make sure the “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer” choice is being checked out.
  • Check does your Bluetooth printer turn on and that it is permitted.
  • If you are using a number of Bluetooth devices which are associated with your PC, momentarily take them out all.

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Printer sharing:  

If you would like to share your printer ensure that the option of “printer sharing” is enabled. Without this, you will not be able to allow other user/computer to use the printer at the same time.

Sometimes because of a power disruption to the wireless network may decrease of the signal. Ensure that everyone is conscious that power always for the signal to be obtainable.

In case your Bluetooth printer still doesn’t function, you can check Microsoft’s help diagnosis.


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  1. bluetooth printer is new to me. I am just happy that we still do not have this in the office and may will not be because of our avoidance in printing.

  2. I have bought Hp Photo smart C6250 I was getting the problem in a Printer troubleshooting but after your article reading its almost vanish to that problem.

    Thanks for your helpful post!

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