The Reason Polycom Soundstations Are Becoming So Popular

The Reason Polycom Soundstations Are Becoming So Popular

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In the business place there is often a requirement to host large meetings involving a large number of employees, but gone are the days when you could feasibly take half of the office on a road trip to meet a supplier or potential new customer. With the cost of fuel ever rising and the need to tighten the purse strings not changing in the near future, conference phone technologies have proven to be an ever increasingly popular solution.


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Any technology which has reduced the need to travel has proven to be popular in this world of lower carbon footprints, reduced corporate expenses and mileage claims. Internet based solutions such as Skype, IP telephony solutions such as Cisco 7937G conference phones and classic phone manufacturers such as the Polycom Soundstation 2.


But why is it the Polycom in particular which is proving to be so popular? Well we did mention tightening the purse strings, and this is one affordable handset. Yes, Skype is free, but it isn’t easy to readily configure with a conference solution capable of supporting medium to small sized boardroom or meeting room. The Cisco is great, it’s future-proof as it’s IPT, however, it typically costs upwards of £700 – so much for saving money – so the Polycom’s success can be readily attributed to both its value, but importantly, also its functionality.

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Conference calls need to be clear and concise and they need to be able to support a significant number of attendees. What was often the case with older past technologies was good sound quality for meeting attendees sitting near the device or at a particular angle to the device, but poor sound quality for those users that sat away from the device or were seated behind the phone. The Polycom introduced a good quality, affordable phone handset with 360 degrees of microphone which easily captured voice input from all angles and all meeting attendees. What the Polycom also did was offer a handset which was both backwards compatible with older analogue phone systems such as Mitel and Siemens as well as being compatible with the newer Internet Protocol based phone systems such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager.


With conference calls becoming an increasingly used communication method, there is no need to spend excessively or to rely on internet bandwidth for such applications as Skype. Instead look for analogue based conference phones which provide an affordable solution to remote based meetings.

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