Special Tips On how To Choose Best Tablet

Special Tips On how To Choose Best Tablet

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Nowadays tablet market is one the fastest growing ones. More and more tablets appear at the market both from well-known manufacturers and from new ones. And sometimes it’s really hard to choose the best tablet in terms of “price-quality” relation.

In this article I’d try to highlight the main facotrs you should pay attention to when choosing a tablet.

First of all we can divide tablets into three groups according to the OS they run under:

  • Windows tablets

At the moment Android tablets are the most popular ones. This OS is used not only for tablets but also for other mobile devices. That’s why it is really well known and is widely used. It’s very functional, has open source code, and it’s very easy to find a software you need for it.



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Most of you have Windows installed on your home PC. So you know this OS quite well. But Windows OS on PC and on tablets are different systems. The productivity of tablet Windows is considerably lower than that of the PC. Apart from that, the working time of Windows tablet is shorter if compared to Android tablets.

iPad by Apple uses iOS. Apple doesn’t save money on its devices and they are pretty expensive. But at the same time the ergonomics, performance and characteristics are on the highest level possible. Surely, there’re some disadvantages (for example, inability to play Flash), but the workarounds have already been found.

Having chosen the OS that suits best to your needs, it’s time to draw attention to the main specs of tablets that may influence your choice.

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Screen size:

The bigger screen a tablet has the more comfortable it is for playing games and watching movies. But it’s also worth mentioning that bigger screen means bigger tablet and it may not be very good when travelling, for example, as it will be hard to put it into a bag. Apart from that, you need to pay attention to screen’s brightness and viewing angle.

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Type of a screen:

If the screen is capacitive then it’ll be able to sense several touches simultaneously so such screens are preferable.


RAM size:

You should understand that the speed of your tablet’s performance will depend on RAM. In addition to that, the more RAM you have the fewer problems with multitasking on your tablet will appear.


Built-in memory:

Well, the size of your built-in memory depends on how much information you’re going to keep on a tablet.

Memory cards support:

Tablets may support different types of memory cards. So you should decide what type of memory card you will use (if any) and take into consideration this information when choosing a tablet.



Processor frequency, its model, the number of cores – all these parameters influence the speed of data processing. You won’t be able to play powerful games or to watch videos in HD with a processor that is not powerful enough.


Availability of different modules:

Under these “modules” I mean GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, LAN, Wi-Fi, doc station, etc. These modules provide additional possibilities of using your tablet. So you should think about that.


Decide what connectors you need:

As a rule, most tablets have a USB connector, SD and micro SD slots, connector for headphones. Not all of them have HDMI connectors. So if you want to connect your tablet to external monitor, you should check the presence of HDMI connector in the model you’ve chosen.

So basically these are the main factors and features you should pay attention to when choosing a tablet. Hope they will be helpful for you.


Author’s Biography:

Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for Intellectsoft. His main interests and topics for writing are Android and iOS development and services.


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  5. Thank you for posting this. I have always loved the technology with the tablets. I think they are the greatest inventions since the smart phone. Having a tablet is very convenient and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is impressive. Thank you for writing some guidelines in choosing the best tablet. This has been very helpful! 🙂
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