Quickly How to Create Disposable Webpages Without Buying Web Hosting

Quickly How to Create Disposable Webpages Without Buying Web Hosting

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The Internet is the best way to promote your business, product or any event. Well, the things turn different, when we talk about using the Internet for event promotion, because the website that you create for event promotion does not hold any value when it the event happens actually and becomes past.


"disposable webpage"


Disposable web pages are solution for this kind of situation. Disposable web pages are temporary web pages that exist only for a specified time period. As we create disposable web pages for specific time, so the idea of paying your hard earned to buy web hosting is not any wise idea at all. But what about creating disposable web pages without buying web hosting? Cool! Isn’t it? Let’s see that how you can create disposable web pages without buying web hosting. But first take a look at the features of disposable web page that we are going to create.

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  • The web page gets comes with a maximum lifetime of 90 days
  • The countdown clock keeps you notified about the remaining age of web page
  • You can check the history of revisions made on web page
  • Readers can bookmark the page with one click
  • Editing task is simple with Rich Text Editor
  • You can include up to 5 photos

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How to Create Disposable Web Pages Without Buying Web Hosting:

  • Point your browser to the Disposablewebpage.com. You can do it by clicking here.
  • There you can find the option to create your disposable web pages. Click on that.
  • Just enter the title of the web page and enter the captcha code and then click ‘Create Web Page‘.
  • You will be provided with a random Master Key. Of course, you can also change it.
  • You can also get the Editorial Key which is used to give permission to other persons to edit your disposable web page.
  • By default, the disposable webpage comes with life time of 90 days. But you can change it to any count between 0 to 90.
  • You can add content to your web page by clicking on the ‘edit‘ tab.
  • The tab named ‘revisions‘ gives you the detailed info of editing work that you did in past.

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That’s it. You have now successfully create disposable web page. You can add content to this web page, depending on your purpose of creating  web page. Of course, you can create as many disposable web pages as you want. Don’t wait more. Create disposable web page for you, now.


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This guest post is contributed by Sai Krishna, He works at Androidbent.


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  1. There are several ways to create disposable web pages, the platform you’ve mentioned is only one of them. There are a lot of free blogging platforms and website builders, which are free with hosting on a subdomain.

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