QR Code – Rise In Concept And Its Stats

QR Code – Rise In Concept And Its Stats

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Marketing and security go hand in hand. Without proper product information, security and batch number, you can rely on neither the product, nor its producer. That is why; the marketing usually gives rise to many complications in the process. Similarly, the product codes are defined in the form of QR coding so that the serial and the batch numbers can take care of the products. Apart from this, other useful information about the products is stored in the QR code formats to.


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QR codes are important for security and privacy of data related to products as well. In companies, usually bar codes are used, but because of the non-flexibility and the lesser data storage, now the QR codes in the form of abstract images are placed over the products. They are easily place able, and can easily be read by normal code readers. That is why; this is a cheaper way of protecting yet safety promising for products.

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Why are the QR codes important?

QR codes are very important for any business, people, customers and even retailers. They create links between:

1)      Smartphones

2)      Online medias

3)      Print and social media etc.


Our media of entertainment, news and socializing are all linked and are the major source or marketing as well. Now with QR codes, the competition between certain media has changed. Before the birth of the concept of QR codes, the competition was neck to neck between print and online media. Now both complement each other after the arrival of QR codes.

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Media Support and QR:

The smartphones are the smallest market for the QR codes, seeing that the online and the print media, with the help of social media backing them up are larger and much more in market in time, as compared to smartphones now. So the market size in actual for the QR codes is increasing day by day considering how many people daily buy smartphones.  As of the statistics of the market sizes, let me tell you some figures:

1)      Adult users for mobile phone based bar and QR codes in 2012 has been recorded by authentic sources as 26.37%. It will grow to an estimated amount of 32.49% next year and 39 % the next.

2)      The content for QR code scanning like getting apps, and software on mobile phones and other devices by users is getting higher. It is 43% this year. Just like the above percentages, it will grow, and is estimated to be higher the next year.

3)      The percentage of people who are getting aware of such knowledge and getting information about products through QR codes this year has risen to 26%.

4)      While people buy products online or in the physical market, they use QR codes, bar code readers etc. Those using QR code readers actually, are 23% to get products and buy them.

5)      Those who take in information about a brand or a company through QR codes only, without buying the products are rising in percentage as well. This year it has been 18%.


For more statistics and information on QR codes, you can always log online and search on different search engines.


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