Privacy Measures on New Facebook Graph Search

Privacy Measures on New Facebook Graph Search

5 2096

As you all folks might know that Facebook introduced, it’s new social search engine, yes the Facebook’s all new Graph Search service. As they released this new services , many users are worried about their privacy and their stuff that would be sent out to the public , on the largest and most widely used Social Networking engine Facebook.


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So what would this new Graph search do to your privacy , i.e. , would it harm the user privacy or would it harm it , or rather would do nothing too user privacy. Lets have a look at it.

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As it says , People using Facebook would be able to use New Graph Search to find any content that a user shares with other user. If your photos are uploaded and are set as public and are geo-tagged , then it would be Graph Searchable to everyone, also if your likes are public , i.e., you like a page and it is public , set as public, it would also be Graph searchable to anyone and everyone. Also , if you checked in some locations, but if you’re check ins are only fed to your friends or rather some portion of your friends, so this time it would only be Graph searchable to that part of your friends to whom you share the check ins with.

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So the New Facebook Graph search would not reveal your personal stuff , that you didn’t share earlier , this time on the Graph Search.



“It makes finding new things much easier, but you can only see what you could already view elsewhere on Facebook,” says a FB press release.


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Points to Note about Facebook’s new Graph Search privacy settings:

Graph search wouldn’t harm your privacy till the uploads are according to your settings , i.e. , if and only if you have uploaded that stuff say a picture. But if someone else has uploaded a picture of you , and your are Geo tagged in it ,  and that person has set the privacy settings to be public , then that picture would be Graph searchable to everyone. And so as to avoid this , you can always remove your tag , or rather ask that person to update the privacy settings so that everyone could not find that picture in the graph search.

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Also to help  ensure Facebook users to set their privacy settings before the Graph Search makes them in a unpleasant position, Facebook has already notified users about ” Review Who Can See Your Stuff” in the profile section.


We realize that people are going to care what shows up about them in search,”  Mark Zuckerberg on release of  Graph Search.


So , this was a short description covering some privacy tweaks on the new Graph search. However , if you get your things at the right place, the new Graph Search wouldn’t harm you at any place, but if the things are not at right place , like your  friend with public settings uploading a picture of you , would somehow cause you stuff to be searchable on the search. So  you should adapt quickly to your priorities so as to ensure good experience with Facebook as you always had. 🙂


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