New Tech Gadget Of 2014

New Tech Gadget Of 2014

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Technology has changed the way we to business. Cloud, social media and mobile apps have streamlined how businesses interact with their clients and each other, creating greater all-round transparency and the potential for on-the-go business management. It looks like the days of the businessman being tied to a single laptop in a single office are numbered. Business takes place all around us, on our phones, tablets and laptops. It almost looks like we’ve got as far as we can go – but technology has always got something up its sleeve…

Here I share some tech gadget which will flourish in 2014:


cloud computing

Working on a Cloud:

Remote business is already gaining ground and it looks like it will conquer the business world within the next two years. All devices are jumping on the cloud bandwagon and the ability to track consumers’ preferences and attitudes means that practically every business will be able to offer something like a bespoke service, in the Not Too Distant.


Tethering App


Intuit are already making their way in that world, compressing their best-selling program QuickBooks into an app that integrates with cloud technology. Intuit users can already manage their accounts and financial decisions, from wherever they happen to be and access data at the swipe of finger.

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Sensor Technology:

sensorHowever, there are further progressions to be made. Sensors already play a big role in our daily lives: cars have parking sensors, hospitals and phones use them – they go virtually unnoticed, but they’re there. Sociometric Solutions is already looking at another way that sensors can be used. They’re developing an ID badge that measures employees’ movements, vocal tones, who they’re talking to and where they are in the office.


Once the sensors have all that data, it can be analysed to assess who might be best as a pitch-presenter or advise which colleagues work best together. Alternatively, it can be used to recommend which colleagues are better off not meeting. In essence, there’s the possibility to augment the way your office works, through information relayed by sensors.


touch technology


Touch Tech:

Tactile technology has been on the scene for a while now, predominantly in the form of touch screens. However, Tactonic is creating a range of pressure tiles that are sensitive to 4,096 levels of pressure. The way this is being designed for use is in chairs and desks and even phone-casings. By measuring the way people sit, slouch or grip things, the theory is that an employer can get a better overview of the mood in the workplace. It all sounds a little bit Big Brother, but the perceived wisdom is that employees can be encouraged to take stress breaks before things get out of hand. Employers will have a better idea of how the work their employees do impacts upon their mental and physical health.


google glus


You may well have heard of Google Glass; glasses that bring you data on the go. Under Armour is developing touch screens that can be built into fabric, which could completely revolutionize even the way we decide to dress for work. The phrase ‘you’re not dressed smart enough’ could take on a whole different meaning in the digital future!


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  1. Superb article Ahsanul. I was aware of cloud computing & Google glasses & know a bit of them as well but I really did not have any idea whether people are working on sensor technology. I am very much impressed by this concept & would be waiting to see some exceptional product of the technology. Thanks for the great share mate.

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