Mobile Phone Data Apps – A friend In Need

Mobile Phone Data Apps – A friend In Need

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Almost every individual owns a mobile phone at present and the applications it provides are the key reason for the increasing usage of the mobile phones today. There are numerous mobile phones present that provide different data applications, such as applications for games, news, weather reports, to get step-by-step directions and many more.

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These applications are easy to download and are often free. Here is a list of the top mobile apps that are widely used:


This is the most popular and widely used mobile security suite. This application provides your phone with all the basic security features needed; it helps in scanning any malicious apps and restores your data; and helps in tracking your phone if it is lost or stolen. This app also shows a warning message if you enter any dangerous site while surfing the internet that might cause harm to your phone.


This is an app for entertainment; here you can get all the latest magazines and you can choose the ones you like and subscribe to them. Initially you can get the first 5 magazines for free without any subscription.


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This app provides you with a fascinating TV experience on your mobile, allowing you to watch all the latest news and sports programmes for free. This application allows you to download the entire episode of your favourite program on your mobile at once for future playback.


There are numerous social tracking devices present that allow you to stay in touch with your friends and track their movements; for example: ‘Find my Friends for ios users. This application helps you to locate your friends through your phone on the map. It automatically shares your location among your contacts once you get registered.


  • Google Latitude:

This is an application that provides a cross-tracking platform. Unlike find my Friends, here you can track your friends using different mobile devices like ios, android, Blackberry and also Windows phone. With this app Google uses your present location and builds up diagrams based upon your activities which can be viewed by all your friends.


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  2. That’s a nice list. Well, I like the Social Tracking. I could easily find my friends using this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that the world has been completely connected from online networks. Hence security is the major concern while we shop online or do some other works. There are already many security applications developed for the computers. Hence apps like “Lookup Mobile Securiy” is definitely needed to prevent the data theft.

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