HTC One S VS Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung has created a name in the phone market with the infamous Galaxy line that may have toppled the lavish Apple counterpart. Now, it has developed and released a new phone called the Galaxy Nexus. Ergo, another showdown has been established– a face-off with HTC One. So before you pull out your credit card, let’s check out the feats first to help you decide which one to get.

HTC one S

1. Specs

Both units are considered smartphones and are candybar in form. HTC One S is lighter with 120 g with 4.3″ screen, compared with Samsung Galaxy Nexus that weighs 135 g with 4.6″ screen. Galaxy Nexus is more compact and accessible, and has maximized its physical features with more side keys– volume controls on the left and the signature lock/unlock button on the right.

Winner: Galaxy Nexus.

Some 15 grams added to the weight is (IMO) not detectable to humans.


2. Operating System

Both phones are using the Android 4.0 also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Winner: TIE


Galaxy nexus

3. Display

The Galaxy Nexus is packed with a higher resolution with 720 x 1280, and 316 pixels per inch, while the HTC counterpart has only 540 x 960, and 256 pixels per inch. Hence, the Galaxy Nexus has around 80% higher resolution screen and about 20% crispier image. Both of the phones are equipped with super AMOLED screens and are multi-touch capable. Both phones are also furnished with light and proximity sensors, but the edge of the Galaxy Nexus is that it is made up of scratch-resistant glass.

Winner: Galaxy Nexus


4. Camera

The HTC One S boasts an ample 8-megapixel main camera and 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera. It also has a lot of camera features normally seen in digital cameras (and not camera phones) such as face and smile detection, ISO control, multi-shots, and built-in effects. Meanwhile the Galaxy Nexus has a 5-megapixel camera and 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. It has standard camera features such as auto-focus, white balance, digital zoom, and panorama.

Winner: HTC One S.

When using the front-facing camera, one does not need to use a higher megapixel camera since you are near the camera already, so I think having the VGA as a secondary camera (compared to 1.3 megapixels of the Galaxy) is can be disregarded.

5. Memory

Both phones have 1024 MB RAM. The Galaxy Nexus has a 32-GB built-in storage compared to One S’s 16 GB capacity.

Winner: Galaxy Nexus.

A 16 GB worth of memory is hard to fill unless you are going to load your phone with a lot of movies. But having a phone with twice its capacity is beyond a mere bonus, right?


6. Connectivity

Both smartphones are equipped with the same Wi-Fi connectivity, which is 80

2.11 b, g, n, and are also mobile hotspot capable. Bothe are using microUSB connector, are capable of USB charging, and use the same 3.5 mm headphones. The main difference in the connectivity is that the HTC One S uses 4.0 version of the Bluetooth, which is the latest support, while the Galaxy Nexus has the 3.0 version, which is the standard in recently released smart phones.

Winner: HTC One S

7. Battery life

The Galaxy Nexus boasts an astounding 17.6 talk time hours, while the HTC One S only has a talk time of 9.7 hours. That is more than 50% talk time hours in favor of the Galaxy Nexus.

Winner: Galaxy Nexus


8. Other features

The other phone features are the same except that the HTC One S has a built-in FM Radio that allows the user to listen to his favorite radio station on the go.

THE VERDICT? The Samsung Galaxy Nexus wins with 4.5 against 3.5 of the HTC One S. Since the comparisons can be considered a close call for both units, the question of which between the two is a better purchase should be left to the buyer. Fancy something with a nice camera over something whose battery lasts longer? Maybe you should get an HTC One S. Care to have a high-resolution for photo viewing, and scratchproof huge screen to match your laidback lifestyle over a phone with an FM station? Perhaps you should get the Galaxy Nexus. It depends on where you are going to use you phone and your personality. You can also check out other brands like LG Android Phones to compare the best android phone that will suit your personality. Don’t let others decide for yourself in matters like this –unless you are buying it as a gift for them. It pays to know the ins and outs of your prospect units. So be smart and spend your hard-earned money wisely.


Author bio:

Aubrey Samson is a freelance programmer, an annual mountaineer and a former mathematics Tutor. She’s also into music and song composition, Her influences are pop and R&B. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.

13 thoughts on “HTC One S VS Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  1. Is nexus really scratch proof….. i think its nt gorilla glass…but yeah oleaphobic coating can anyone explain what does tht mean…..

  2. I like both of these two Smartphone. Bouth HTC and Samsung do very well on the way of smartphone. This time, I prefer the HTC One S. It is a really nice phone.

  3. Within last couple of day Samsung have become one of my favorite phone. Especially Samsung Galaxy. I really like the review that has been written here.

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