How To Snooze Your Mail In Gmail In Chrome Browser

How To Snooze Your Mail In Gmail In Chrome Browser

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Too many emails & no time to read!!!!  A common problem faced by many.  If you don’t have time to act & ignore the message, you tend to lose track of it. A reminder is the only way you can read the ignored email afterwards.

We have a perfect solution for your unread email problems; Snooze app. As the name suggests, the app helps you to snooze your emails so that you can access them after a couple of hours & even days.

Employing  SNOOZE

The basic & only requirement for Snooze is Google Chrome. You need to download Chrome extension. After integration, just open up any message in your Gmail’s inbox, you will find a new button “Snooze” above along with usual email managing buttons. Click the Snooze button to access the dropdown menu which lets you choose the time for the notification of the message.

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After the notified time is over, a pop up appears on your desktop which reminds you of your unread message. Quite easy & helpful.

"gmail chrome extension"

You can hover over the Snooze button & again notify the snooze timing.

"gmail chrome extension"


You can choose the desirable position for desktop notification by clicking the settings icon present in the pop up & moving on to “Choose Position”

"gmail chrome extension"

For more Snooze options move on to Extension manager in Settings…. & click the Options icon for Snooze Your Email for Gmail extension.

"snooze gmail chrome extension"


Snooze app is a wonderful extension of all Gmail users who don’t have time to open up their unread emails. It helps you to access important message & information which decreases your workload & enhances the quality time you spend.


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