How to Make More Money While Blogging Online

How to Make More Money While Blogging Online

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Money is essential in everything we do in life. We need money for buying things, take care of our family members, pay for services and others. Blogging is a new way for people to make money online these days. Large proportions of bloggers have realized a lot of money from their respective blogs last year and this year promises a lot more for them. Bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of SML is making nothing less than $8000 per month from his blog, ShoutMeLoud – and you too can earn something even more than that if you can work harder this year as a blogger.

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I have in this article tips and ideas to share with you which could help you become a successful blogger while making more money at all the time doing what you love to do most. Technology is helping the social media world these days and we need to make proper use of it in order to actualize our goal of earning money online.


  • Write more for your blog for improved traffic:

Make sure that you are posting more contents on your website for improved engagement of readers. When you are posting regularly on your website, you will have more people reading your blog, and the chance of getting sponsors to make your money on your website will become easier. A blog with more contents will get more search engine traffic and engagement than a site with little or nothing. And for doing this, you can get more people to ask for sponsorship of your website because of the possibilities of getting your readers attention after all. That is why many blogs keeps making their owners more money and you’re not doing so.

Always keep your blog fresh at all times to encourage people to visit on regular basis and also to help the site engage more readers.


  • Do more guest posting for popularity of your blog:          

When you write more guest posts for other blogs, you are doing two things; one to help your blog get popular and the other one is to help your site get ranked well on search engines pages. So, it will help you on the long run if you engage in guest posting for your website as this will improve its ranking and also help your blog to get more visitors which can as well increase its chances of getting long time advertisers and sponsorship.

Write more guest posts for top and big blogs in your niche or other niches related to your website topic and continue to do it for a very long time.

Guest posting has proved to be one of the best techniques in getting different websites to recommend your blog for consideration on search pages. So, I don’t see any reason why you won’t do such a thing if it is only to get ranked well for your desired keyword.


  • Promote your website for better performance on search engines:

Another thing that you can do to make your blog grow better for getting is to improve your search engine position by promoting it virally.

Use every method to rank your blog on search engine pages in order to get more traffic and also for attracting advertisers to your website. There are countless numbers of techniques that you can use to promote your blog, and few among them includes submission of your blog’s link to directory sites, sharing your posts on social media sites, submitting the site to social bookmarking sites and many more other methods. Though, directory submission is now becoming popular and harder to get good link juices, but still, you can still work things out for yourself.


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  1. Guest blogging is the best way to make a great appearance in blogosphere. when you get popular you will get lots of work online. Thanks Ahsan for this nice post.

  2. Guest posting has great value in blogging but it should be done only on relevant blogs under website or blog niche.

  3. I’m looking at guest posts as an opportunity to become famous and to be considered as an authority in the niche of my choice. Yes, it can help you in terms of search result visibility, but I’d consider that a bonus. I think it’s a lot more important if you’re going to make sure that people will like your post enough for them to visit your main site.

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