Five Reasons to Use Chit Chat for Facebook Chatting

Five Reasons to Use Chit Chat for Facebook Chatting

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Recently, Athena IT Limited, authors of the popular suite of Facebook chat applications for various platforms have released Chit Chat for Facebook (Web).

Whilst you may not have previously considered using a third party web app for the Facebook web messaging, after reading this article you may consider using Chit Chat (web).

1. Facebook Messaging Focus

Whereas Facebook has been designed for a rich social media experience, Chit Chat (web) has been designed exclusively for instant messaging. As a result, Chit Chat (web) feels much more like a desktop IM app rather than an online Facebook messenger. However, being a web app – you don’t need to install it and can access the Facebook messenger from anywhere easily.

Features of note include a searchable contact list, online/offline status notifications, speech bubbles and a tabbed conversation window.

2. Searchable Contact List

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I tell you that the Facebook chat list available on seems somewhat random. You’ll see both friends that are online as well as offline, this intended to encourage mobile messaging and private messages. However, most people have a preference to engage in IM conversations with people that will talk back to them quickly. As such, the searchable contact list on Chit Chat, by default only shows friends online and it lets you search for friends and find out whether they’re online or not.

The searchable contact list is very eloquent and isn’t that fussy about what you type in – for example, if I wanted to find my friend Dave Chappell, I could type in “ave”, “dave”, “chappell” or “chap” and it would filter to him.

3. Update Notifications

Most people tend to sign in and out of Facebook several times over the course of a day, as such, it’s not always obvious as to whom is online at any given moment without studying the Facebook contact list. Chit Chat (web) provides a rather nice solution by letting you know whom has signed in/out in a notification box at the top right hand corner of the instant messenger.

4. Bypass Facebook Site Restrictions

If your school, place of work or country restricts access to Facebook then Chit Chat (web) may be able to help you bypass those security settings. Moreover, you’ll find Chit Chat (web) less distracting than Facebook. If you’re working on a team project, you’ll likely find Chit Chat (web) useful for instant messaging whilst not being distracted by Facebook feeds.

5. Detects Last Friends Status At Glance

Chit Chat (web) makes use of attractive C shaped status icons, a little like Pacman. These large icons make it very obvious when a friend is online, away or offline.

6. Insert Emoticons

Forget remembering tens of emoticon codes, with a click of a button you can insert Facebook emoticons into your messages.

7. Format Text

No need to make use of underscore codes and star codes, just hit the bold or/and italic button.

8. Speech Bubbles

If you’re familiar with Apple’s iPhone then you’re likely familiar with speech bubbles during instant messaging.

Chit Chat (web)s use of speech bubbles helps to make instant messages more easily readable and recognizable that a message has been received.

Try out the online Facebook chat app – Chit Chat for Facebook (web) now.


  1. This was a nice post…but i prefer Nimbuzz and E-Buddy for chatting in Facebook ..the main reason behind this is you can see the status updates and can give status updates in E-Buddy and in Nimbuzz you can use all of the other social community account along with it’s cool..
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