Creating Smart Bedroom with Smart Lighting

Creating Smart Bedroom with Smart Lighting

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Smart Technology for the bedroom… Sounds interesting, right? In fact, here’s the cool thing about modern day times:

Today I write an article about creating a smart bedroom because at this point in time, technology is so advanced we have the ability to create smart bedroom.


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So, if you’re interested in the most intelligent of bedrooms or just a smart home lets enjoy reading.


Bedroom Lighting:

A lot of smart home technology is based in lighting as there are a multitude of ways in which you can alter your lighting once your average room becomes a smart room.


What sort of smart lighting do you need in your bedroom?


You need what I call ‘tired lighting’. Lighting that is organised to make turning it on and off really easy so that you don’t have to put in much effort when you’re tired.


There are great lighting systems available these days that ca be installed upon your existing lighting systems. For tired lighting, all you need to do is get the appropriate mechanism installed (ask your provider), and you can now remotely control your lights.


Don’t wanna get out of bed? No worries, because you can now switch them off from your phone! Ta-da!


My favorite part of this system is that it can even be installed on your lamps. Who has tiredly reached across to turn off the lamp from your bed to discover you have a battle on your hands: You vs. the fiddly lamp switch. Now you can win the battle every time.


Now, if we were going to head in the slightly more carnal direction (but we won’t because we are classy people) we might be after some mood lighting.


Luckily with many of the new smart lighting systems and smart bulbs, you can choose from a range of colours, and can start dimming your lights. Now you have mood lighting, and can adjust the lighting oh-so-smoothly, from your smart phone.

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Wardrobe Lighting:

Okay so we are trying to save the planet here, but I keep leaving my wardrobe light on and closing the doors so that I have no idea it’s on. Imagine if we had to turn lights off and on in the fridge? It would be chaos! So why not treat your wardrobe like your fridge?


Mechanisms can be attached (please don’t DIY it) that respond to the opening and closing of your wardrobe door, and turn your light on and off accordingly. Cool, huh?


This adds an extra level of convenience as many of us don’t have practical wall space within our wardrobes to install a light switch – Now no switch is needed!

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En-suite Lighting:

Your bathroom is another place where lights get forgotten. I have left on so many, which is awful if you have heat lamps because they use so much power.


What smart features can we use for this room? Motion lighting, that’s what! Walk in and the room lights up because you’re a goddess (and because of the smart-ness). Walk out and the lights turn off because you don’t need them mate.


I wouldn’t recommend these lights directly in the room where you sleep because you may end up accidentally activating the lights in the middle of the night – No fun!


But stumbling around in the bathroom in the middle of the night trying to find the switch is also no fun, so get some motion sensors people.


You do also want to have a switch, so that you have the option of keeping the lights off if you want.


Another great smart feature is wireless light switches – particularly for the bathroom. Wireless (obviously) means no wires, which means not cutting into lovely bathroom tiles to install the switch – just stick it to the wall and voila!


There are so many smart home options these days that it just blows your mind. If you’re going to start updating your home into a smart home I recommend you start with your bedroom! You pay the bills, you deserve this 🙂

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