Best Android Communication Apps

Best Android Communication Apps

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Besides all stuff you can do with your phone now, its prime function still is – Communication. Of course, there are many ways to communicate and that’s why there are many applications developed for Android that allows you to send SMS, Emails, Chats and also have Video and Voice Calls via internet.

Here are the best Android Communication Apps:



This is an Android app that allows the user send free push-to-talk voice notes to whichever person he or she decides to regardless of whether the receiver of such a message has the Android app or not. The app’s size is 2.57 MB and can be downloaded for free.

This app is said to be the best compromise between a call placed on real-time and an impersonal text message. It has the ability of sending voice notes that are semi-instantaneous to any contacts on the user’s phone book. The user is able to send and receive voice notes as well as text messages via data connection, access multiple options when it comes to message playback as well as use it on an iOS platform.

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This app is one that allows the user to send text messages his phone via Gmail, Gtalk and other internet browsers. The app’s size is 670 KB hence does not take up lots of space from your phone’s memory. The app works by forwarding the text and MMS message the user is sending to his Gmail, Google Chat as well as DeskSMS Chrome platforms. This app is quite useful for those people who spend most of their time on the computer with very little time on their phones as they can still be reached via the app.

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"bluetooth file transfer"


Bluetooth File Transfer:

This is an app that works well in helping the user browse, manage, share as well as explore files with any device that is Bluetooth ready. The app is 1.79 MB in size and is 2SD enabled. In order to use the app, the user needs to ensure that his Android device’s Bluetooth is enabled as well as that of the other device for him to start using the device. Without the devices’ Bluetooth being enabled, sharing and other file management operations cannot be done using this app.

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"touch to talk"


TiKL – Touch To Talk:

This is an app that helps the user; with a single push of a button, talk to or text one or more people on his phone book. This app has the capability of turning the Android phone into a walkie-talkie. It is 888 KB in size and does not support 2SD. In order for the app to work the user needs to ensure that the people he needs to communicate with using the app also have it installed on their Android phones for it to work.

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"ebuddy messenger"


eBuddy Messenger:

This is an Android app that enables the user chat on popular and instant messaging platforms instantly from a single Android app. The app is 1.80 MB in size as well as 2SD enabled. It can be downloaded for free from the internet. The user will need to create an account and have it synced with the app after adding all other instant messaging accounts you may need to chat within. The user will be able to use the most popular platforms that include MSN, Gtalk, ICQ, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM and Hyves. Get your Android app now since this is among the best phone interns communication.


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