Best Accessories For Your Smartphone

Smartphones are arguably the most powerful and convenient mobile devices. Unlike tablets, the gadgets can make calls and send messages without third-party applications. The correct accessories from major retailers like Newegg can increase the functionality of smartphones and make them best consumer electronics on the market.

Some peripherals make the gadgets more convenient, while accessories protect smartphones from most types of damage. Shoppers should always buy the best accessories to ensure that their devices are in perfect condition at all times.


Otterbox Commuter Cases:


Otterbox Commuter cases


Models like the Samsung S III and the iPhone 5 are extremely fragile and prone to damage. As a result, smartphones require ample protection from the elements and accidents. The Otterbox Commuter series of cases is the best for any smartphone such as iPhone 5 and S III, and delivers an unmatched performance in terms of security. The covers are composed of polycarbonate and silicone for enhanced durability and comfort. The inner cushion keeps phones locked in place so that internal components aren’t jostled during accidents. The rugged outer layer absorbs bumps to prevent phones from cracking. Unlike other popular cases, the Otterbox Commuter series are packaged with screen protectors. The thin film keeps a smartphone’s display crystal clear and devoid of scratches.

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Plantronics Headset:


Plantronics headset


Drivers must keep their eyes on the roads and both hands on the wheel at all times, but not everyone on the road follows the rules. Smartphones can be paired with Bluetooth headsets to prevent distracted driving. This is one of the best bluetooth headphone under $50 The best headsets are made by Plantronics, and they easily sync with iOS and Android devices. The accessories provide audio instructions so users don’t have to read complicated manuals to connect their gadgets. The Marquee models also respond to voice commands so drivers can say “answer” to pick up a call rather than let go the steering wheel.

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Accessory Power GOgroove Speakers:


Accessory Power GOgroove speakers


Smartphones have mostly replaced dedicated mp3 players. Consumers prefer to carry one device for every function, rather than divide their tasks between multiple gadgets. Additionally, streaming services are increasingly popular alternatives to downloading music. However, few listeners want to use their headphones all the time, and smartphones don’t feature powerful speakers. GOgroove speakers from Accessory Power allow consumers to use their phones as their primary muscle devices and fill an entire room with high-quality sound. The speakers support most popular types of smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One X.

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IOGEAR Mobile Power Station:

Smartphones feature notoriously poor battery power. Some models only last a few hours before they require a charge. The IOGEAR mobile power station makes it easy to keep devices alive at all times, even when users aren’t near an electrical outlet. The battery packs are convenient to carry around, as they aren’t much larger than smartphones. The power sources practically double the life of a smartphone without sacrificing mobility. IOGEAR stations are compatible with every smartphone and use USB wires to connect with the devices.

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SanDisk microSD Card:


SanDisk microSD card


Every smartphone has a limited amount of storage, and images and videos eat up large chucks of data. Fortunately, most phones have microSD slots for more space. No company can match the quality of SanDisk’s cards. The small chips add anywhere from 8 to 64 GB of space. SanDisk’s products are known for their longevity and durability, which is good news for shoppers who plan on upgrading their smartphones in the near future. The cards can be put into new devices and save large libraries of files so that users don’t have to lose all of their data.

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