5 Free Best Android Green Apps

5 Free Best Android Green Apps

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There are thousands of applications in Google Play Store and any user will find some apps that he or she likes. “Green” users are no exception. I tried to surf the Store in search of great “green” apps and that’s what I’ve found.

"Go Green apps"


Go Green:

Nowadays more and more people become “green”-conscious and try to lead “green” way of life by all means possible. The application Go Green will surely help you. Each time you launch the application it will give you a tip on how to be “green”. The tips provided by the app are from absolutely different spheres of life – from how to reduce power consumption to “green” cookery. With the help of these tips even a person who just begins his or her “green” way of life will know how to start and what to do. The application is available for any Android OS. Download, install and go “green”!


SIZE: 2.9M


Google Play link: Go Green

"green tips"


Green tips:

This application is developed by European Environment Agency. The essence of the application is close to the previous one: this app provides you with more than 150 advice on using transport, recycling, healthy way of life, water consuming, power consuming and others. Apart from that, the application has social networks integration and you can share with your friends the tips you like via Facebook and Twitter thus making “green” way of life more popular.


SIZE: 1.5M


Google Play link: Green Tips

"eco charger"

Eco Charger:

Having fully charged your battery you should disconnect your device from a charger, because the device consumes energy even if it is 100% charged. But very often we forget about that and your device just spends this energy uselessly. In the scale of just one smartphone the amount of energy consumed may seem insignificant but if we take the whole population of the Earth, then the numbers are different. This application reminds its owner about the fact that the smartphone is fully charged and should be disconnected. It may also notify a user about battery overheating and high voltage, thus adding to the safety of your device.


  • Battery charged notification
  • High voltage notification
  • Battery overheat notification
  • Audio notification on/off
  • Vibrator notification on/off



SIZE: 45k


Google Play link: Eco Charger

"my recycle list"


My Recycle List:

This application was developed by 1-800-RECYCLING.com and is available for Android OS versions 2.1 and higher. With the help of this app you may find the nearest locations that take recycle products: glass, rubber, paper, metal and other. My Recycle List was developed with the purpose to help people with the process of utilizing the things they don’t need. A user needs to enter his or her zip code and choose a material family. In response he or she will get a message with the address of the nearest locations with a Google Maps link. Now it’s easier for you to recycle than ever.


SIZE: 529k


Google Play link: My Recycle List

"	eco buzz"

Eco Buzz widget:

This application is made in the form of widget for your Android desktop. It allows you to be aware of all weather and climatic changes and of the ways of being “green”. The program is available for Android OS 2.3 and higher. It shows you only the header of the news. In order to see full news you need to click on it. Unfortunately, the application is not available on Google Play at the moment but you may freely download it from other sources.



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Surely, this is not the ultimate list of “green” applications. In case you know any other apps feel free to add them in the comments below.

Let’s make the world green! 🙂


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Eugene Rudenko is a technical writer for IT company Intellectsoft. His main interests and topics for his writing are software and applications for BlackBerry mobile phone and tablets.



  1. These “green” apps seems really cool! Are these Apps available for Android OS 4.1? I just update 4.0 Operating System of my HTC smartphone to the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS.

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