5 Best Features Of A Great Promo Banner

5 Best Features Of A Great Promo Banner

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Banners are a controversial issue now a days: well, really, isn’t it annoying to see them all the way to the cart popping up at every stage of a purchase process? On the other hand, doesn’t it make sense to invite your customers to make new orders? In reality, the controversies do not exist: promo banners are sure to be the way to increase sales, but only if they are handled and displayed in a right way. That is why it is highly important for any Magento store owner to know, what the features of a great Promo Banner are.

How To Create Excellent Banners:

Banner LogoAs any other element used for keeping an online store, banners need to be organized in a system. If a shop is big or develops rapidly, it is handy to use special extension to Magento platform, like Magento Promo Banners.

It displays banners in proper places where they would have a greater effect. Also, their contents are chosen according to the product your customer is buying.

Various types of banners are available to choose the most effective one for your type of online store.


This extension is based on 5 main features which are necessary to make a promo banner successful. They are the following:

  • Form. There are various ways to present an advertisement, an image being only the one of them. Have a variety to choose from and the understanding of what it is better to employ based on characteristics of the products you want to sell.
  • Place. Putting a banner in the right place is a half of success, so be especially attentive to cart and product pages where Magento promo banners can attract the biggest amount of customers.
  • Contents. Perhaps, this aspect is the most important one in a banner – the more relevant it is for a buyer, the more chances there are that he would follow it. Extensions allow choosing automatically a banner with better contents so that it would correspond to a product in a cart.
  • Clarity. There shouldn’t be any doubt about what a banner proposes. The statement is to be firm and completely clear for customers to understand it in a few seconds.
  • Motivation. It is important to show your customers that they can buy more and get profit from it, and there isn’t a way better than to show it with a promo banner.


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  1. Hi Ahsan,

    Informative post about banners 🙂

    Yes, to make nice and effective banners, you need to do a lot. Clarity is the key issues, so is the right color, font, and how much they attract the readers to click them.

    It’s fun to create them on Photoshop when I sit down to make a few, but it takes a lot of time and brainstorming, though the end result should be good, which is what counts.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂
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