4 Traffic Generation Myths that You need to Spurn

4 Traffic Generation Myths that You need to Spurn

5 2001

Blog is useless if none can find it. What is the point in posting articles regularly on your blog if none turns out there to make a valuable comment that will act as an inspiration to continue your career as a blogger. The bottom line is that you need to generate traffic for your website otherwise, despondency is sure to engulf you. Now, there are innumerable numbers of articles available on net as to how to increase traffic to your blog or how to make your each post go viral, but trust me, none of them seriously work. To be honest, blogosphere is ruled by myths and some of them are so deeply rooted that it will take some doing to debunk them. So, let’s start debunking some of the deeply entrenched myths about getting quick traffic for your blog.

Sure Success Way to Generate Traffic:

You have been told and taught hundreds of times that there is a sure way to get steady traffic to your website. Probably, you have been believing this thing until recently when you failed miserably umpteen times to make the suggestion work for your blog despite your several attempts. There is no hard and fast rule to generate traffic and it should not be. Old techniques are often replaced by new techniques and this is quite a rule of a dynamic industry like Internet marketing. However, I am not against following the suggestions rather I am against blindly following suggestions of others. Try to apply your common sense rather than scoring online for some quick fix.

Traffic is the Only Metric:

There is denying of the fact that traffic is the single most important factor that plays pivotal role in determining the future of a blog but this is not everything. You should not be obsessed with traffic rather you should try your level best to improve the quality of the blog by coming up with better posts that people would care to share. Once your blog has great content along with impressive social presence, you will see a spike in traffic volume sooner or later. So, be obsessed with quality of the blog than on traffic only.

Number is everything:

This another popular myths that when it comes to calculating the popularity of a blog, it is the number of comments against each post, total number of posts, total number of facebook shares that are all taken into account. But the reality is starkly different. Obviously we cannot discard the importance of volume but once your website starts getting popularity, you will find all these stats worthless and you will then be concentrating on keeping the momentum by coming up with interesting and engaging topics. It is not just number rather is about how you are presenting yourself to prospective visitors and the relationship of course.

Always Think About Marketing:

This is another piece of great advice given by great marketing gurus of our times I am not against marketing blog but you should not jump at marketing your blog at the slightest excuse that would make you look funny. For example, while commenting on other people’s blog, you should not promote your blog all the time. This may help you get some quick traffic but all smart bloggers know that you cannot expect to get long-term benefits. Your blog will not survive alone on borrowed traffic, it need to earn traffic of its own merit otherwise, you are sure to face the rude reality sooner than expected.

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