4 Things Reduce Your Search Engine Rankings

4 Things Reduce Your Search Engine Rankings

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Very few bloggers, if any, would tell you they don’t know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO, which is always rewarded with high search engine rankings. SEO is a key player in blog promotion, but your efforts in building a great SEO blog might go unrewarded if the things I will be sharing in this article point to your blog.


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If you have spent a lot of time to increase your blog’s search engine rankings by doing all you know can help you increase your blog’s search engine rankings through SEO, but you are not ranking well on search engines, you’d want to make sure you are not doing what I’m about to share in this article.


Backlinks from Bad Site:

You always strive to see that your blog is not linking out to bad neighborhood and poor quality sites, isn’t that right? You might be shocked to hear that doing that rarely matters when search engine rankings is concerned. When search engines rank sites, they don’t look at what sites they are linking back to. What search engines look for is the sites that are linking back to your site and their SEO value.

This means, it’s more beneficial to get two backlinks from two high quality sites than to get four backlinks from four low quality sites.

When building backlinks for my blog which talks about weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons, I always look out to see that the blogs I get links from are healthy blog.


Poor Blog Design:

Google has a way of detecting what your readers feel about your site. And Google has been so wise in being able to use this as a tool in ranking your blog on Google Search Engine. If Google feels that readers are showing positive responses to your blog, it will make your blog rank well above the ones that readers have bad response about.

Try to optimize your blog design for search engine optimization and also work towards making it lovely for your blog readers. Focusing too much attention on SEO and ignoring your readers is not fair.


Low quality articles:

Your blog isn’t ranking well in search engines? Have you judged the quality of articles you write on your blog? Are the articles on your blog helpful, informative and well-written? While you have to make sure you provide good quality articles on your blog, you should also try to make it really interesting to read. This can be done by doing a good dose of research before you write your articles.

And whether spellings and grammar accuracy matters in Google ranking your blog, the answer is a big YES. Google panda bots read your blog in every humanly manner you could imagine. Research has proven that blogs that rank well in Google search engine are always accurate in grammar and spellings than blogs that don’t rank well.


Scraper Content:

Publishing original and plagiarism-free content on your blog is a feat you should work towards achieving. Google dislikes blogs that publish articles that are not unique and goes in any length to see that such blogs are penalized for that. You won’t want to have done a great deal of SEO for your blog only to see it go down in Google page rankings because it’s not publishing original content.

And also, your blog might get penalized for having scraper content without you knowing. Some pages in your blog may be “copy-and-paste” in nature, for example the “Guest Post” page of many blogs I’ve came across on the internet are literally symmetrical in nature. Google bots will see that as scraper contents and may penalize your blog for it.


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