3 Ways to Speed up Staggeringly Slow Wireless Internet

3 Ways to Speed up Staggeringly Slow Wireless Internet

4 2021

Using a wireless internet in your home, school or office can be a very advantageous exercise. Without having to connect the computers on your network to each other through cables and wires, you will get optimal connection speed reaching up to 54 mgb per second on a wireless connected system.

Wireless connection can also be considered as a cheap method of sharing internet through computers within close range.  So with a wireless internet connection, you’ll actually spend less and benefit more from your internet service provider. But wireless internet can sometimes become terribly slow. And a slow wireless internet can lead an impatient user to cause more error by tampering with the system. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips you should use to prevent having your wireless internet from become slow.

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  • Check for Viruses on Network Computers

Viruses can disrupt the activities on a computer that is infected with it, which can lead to many untold problems. And when a single computer on a network is infected with virus, it will also affect other computers because there is the possibility that the virus will transfer files through the internet and slow down the computer working as the server.

Whenever you notice that the effectiveness of your wireless connection has been disrupted, you should check all other computers on the network and make sure they are not infected with viruses. After checking for viruses, in the absence of none, you can go ahead to the next step, but if there are viruses you should use some reliable virus software to uninstall them.


  • Restart Server Computer

Sometimes, restarting the computer serving the whole network might help set things right again. If you’ve been hibernating the computer for a while, it might pile up the work that is unsaved on the RAM making the computer to become slow in operation. You should then restart the server computer, and make sure the applications you are running on the computer are closed before restarting the system.

Restarting the other computers on the network might also be required, but you might not find that necessary as the computer would naturally have to go off after you’ve disconnected them from the network.


  • Upgrade Internet Firmware

Finally your firmware might need upgrading. When the firmware of your internet connection modem runs out of date, the speed of your internet connection will continue to stagger. And to worsen it, the other computers will require more speed than it can provide which it will eventually under deliver.

To upgrade the firmware application of your internet connection modem, you should visit the website of your internet service provider or carrier. You might be required to provide details of the modem such as the IMEI or serial number (which you can find at the back of your modem).


  • Conclusion

After applying the tips in this article and you did not see any changes, you should pay a visit to your ISP’s office (or the nearest customer experience center to you.)

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  1. Wireless internet can be annoyingly slow. And it gets even more irritating when you’re rushing something. Restarting the computer usually works for me but there are times that it doesn’t. I’ll try using your tips when restarting isn’t enough.

  2. Good Post!! This post really helped me to speed up my wireless internet! After following your tips, i found that the speed seems to be increased to a good amount!!! Thanks for the useful post!!

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