12 Most Useful Exercise Apps For Weight Loss

12 Most Useful Exercise Apps For Weight Loss

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Today we can basically get an app for any problem we might have. Want to learn about fashion – get an app for it. Want to do some math calculations – get an app for it. Counting calories?

Yep, there’s an app for it. When it comes to losing weight you can pick your poison: anything from cardiac centered workout routines, aerobic exercises, running, biking, swimming, muscle and strength building exercises and of course all sorts of calorie counters and weight trackers.

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What will be looking at here are some of the best available apps for all the different facets of a well-rounded exercise plan geared towards weight loss. The apps in this article are perfect for the three classical physical activities associated with aerobic training and endurance: running, cycling and swimming.

If you feel up to it you can pick one of each and start training for a triathlon, although I strongly advise that you get acquainted with some of the activities first and build up your speed and stamina gradually. The article will feature both Android apps and iPhone apps for all of these activities for the readers convenience.


Running Apps:

Android apps for Running:


nike running app


Nike+ Running: This app utilizes GPS and an acceleration function to track your running statistics be it on the treadmill or on the road. You are provided with audio feedback every mile, so you can stay updated on the statistics as you run. The only thing you need to focus on is your breathing and pace, the app will help you out with the rest. Your favorite workout songs are a touch away with the PowerSong feature, which allows you to turn the inspirational music on to give yourself a boost when you feel like giving up. The progress graphs provide you with a history view so you can gauge your progress more accurately.

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MapMyRun for Android


MapMyRun: This app allows you to track your running routes, distance and pace using GPS. This allows you a real-time overview. You can use the route search feature to find the more popular routes and compete against other people’s best times.  You can also take picture on your run and attach different photos to different routes. This is great little app that can help you lose weight in a fun way and at an easy pace. Training can be more like casual jogging or you can take a more athletic approach like a 5k run, it’s all up to you and the app will track calories burned as well.

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 iPhone apps For Running:


RunKeeper - GPS Track Running Walking Cycling


RunKeeper ProGPS tracking capabilities are the norm and this app is no different, but it provides you with three different training workouts and has a very simple and user friendly interface. Once you’re in running mode the display will feature progress data including pace, speed, calories and running time in big friendly numbers with a big “STOP” and “PAUSE” triggers at the bottom of the screen. You can run along listening to your favorite exercise playlist and you can view all the stats at an instant, with no more than a glance at the screen.

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Ghost Race Pro


Ghost race pro: This app is an interesting and simple way to push yourself a step further in your training, especially once the initial weight loss stops as you get used to regular training sessions. You will have a goal to beat as you set the pace and distance that you want to achieve on your next training session. The app will keep track of all your daily fitness activities including short walks, and you can even input weather details on the day of a specific training session so you know if there where outside factors affecting some of your times.

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Swimming Apps:


Android apps For Swimming:




MySwimmingTime: It keeps track of your swimming times and check swim time standards to give you the motivation to push yourself further. You can record your race times and share them with friends and family for a more competitive approach. Race times include these disciplines: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Individual Medley, Freestyle Relay, and Medley Relay. Also available is time conversion, CSI Conversion Standards. Time standards are available from YMCA, NCAA, US Swimming LSC, British swimming and a variety of countries in Europe and worldwide to provide you with some inspirational goals.

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Swim Planner android app


Swim Planner: It is just going to the swimming pool and flapping your arms around in the water isn’t enough for a good workout that will make you burn calories and improve as a swimmer. You need to have a game plan, an exercise prepared especially for you. With the Swim Planner app you can create a workout based on the distance you are able to swim and your level of proficiency. The end result is an adequate workout that is difficult enough to make you work hard, but still not too difficult or exhausting for you.


iPhone apps For Swimming:


FitVideo Swimming app


FitVideo: Swimming: It features a great number of stream-able videos that will help teach you the ins and outs of the various style of swimming. Learning different strokes is made easy by these detailed videos, and there are videos available showing which muscles are used in which stroke to help you better understand the technique involved.


Swim Coach Plus HD apple app


Swim Coach Plus HD: The short description they provide for the app at Apple really sums it up well: Record, Compare, Improve. The idea is that you can record yourself at the swimming pool, look at the footage and get a quick analysis of your technique, speed, etc. You can view the recording in normal time, slow motion or super slow motion to really get the feel of how you are doing things, where you are going wrong and how you can improve.


Cycling App:

Android apps For Cycling:


Strava Run android app


Strava Cycling: It allows you to find popular place for cycling, track things like speed, elevation, distance and calories burned. You can keep track of various statistics and compete against your friends, other people in the area or professional cyclist. It uses GPS to track activities and can be a very fun addition to your cycling routine and a great motivator. Nothing gets people going like some friendly (or heated) competition.


MapMyFitness android app


MapMyFitness +: It is much like the Strava app, MapMyFitness will allow you track different aspects of your cycling routine using GPS. You can go against yourself or others and try to beat previous best times, or you can opt for a more weight loss oriented workout and track calories. You can search different routes using parameters like length or type, examine graphs and leaderboards for the tracks so you can find the right one for you.


iPhone apps For Cycling:


Cyclemeter GPS Cycling and Running apple app


Cyclemeter GPS: “As good as they come” are the words that spring to mind when talking about this app. It is highly functional, keeping track of speed, distance, elevation and time, as well as allowing you to share your cycling routes with your friends. The best thing about it is that it requires no internet connection to give you full access to all its features including data input tracking, viewing progress charts and graphs and much more. It’s all in your phone, so you will have the information available to you even in remote areas.


B.iCycle: It is pretty standard in its distance and speed tracking abilities, but it also allows you to track calories. Viewing charts and progress reports will require you to have internet connection as you will be checking your data on a website. It gives you the ability to stop the timer if you come to a stop for any reason so you can have a more accurate time even in unforeseen circumstances. The app also has a very nice feature – it allows you access to OpenStreetMaps where you can find a great many bike trails submitted by thousands of users and constantly updated.


There you have it, a nice little collection of apps to help get you started on your way to burning some serious calories and losing weight. These exercises are only a part of the process and you should try and limit the calories in your diet, but keep the food high in nutrients as you will need the energy during the training sessions.


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