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Lots of people started using Windows 8  developers Preview version. Still Windows 8 is not officially launched.  I am also using this latest version Windows 8.  It’s theme more appealing than previous versions.  I love its start page. It seems all programs in 1 page. 

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Whenever there is a new, upcoming release for a Windows OS, the world of PC users holds its breath. Sometimes the changes are good. And then there’s Windows Vista. Microsoft seems to have learned their lesson with Vista though, and Windows 7 was a better, more solid entry. With Windows 8, things are changing again, and the look and functionality of Windows may never be the same.

The Developer Preview came out, and the information that reviewers and developers are providing is helping the rest of the public get ready for those changes. One of the good things is that most of the information and reviews of the new OS seem to be quite positive.

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Now a days most laptop has build in Windows 7 Operating System. But if you are familiar with Windows XP for a long time, it will be tough to adjust with Windows 7 at first. Today I’ll share a basic tips by which you can change the  default Windows 7 Control Panel settings to Windows XP control panel.

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Using computers for over a period of time we store critical work related files, precious photos and videos, favorite songs, and various other files which are closely related to our professional or personal life. Losing any of these files can create big trouble but since we cannot control human errors and technology flaws completely thus there are times when we have to face such situations of data (file) loss.

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“Why is my Computer so slow?” this may be the first question that comes to your mind when you have a slow start up. Computers can be slow due to many reasons, maybe due to a virus attack. Viruses can run malicious programs in your computer and it will consume major processor power resulting in the reduction of your computer performance. Virus can be removed using anti-virus software and it is preferred to install the anti-virus soon after you install your windows. If your computer is totally virus free, then what makes your system run like a tortoise?

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A big part of writing and blogging is illustrating. The average online reader can cover millions of miles within minutes, maybe even seconds, so if you want to grab that reader’s attention before they move on, you must have attractive and attention grabbing content. Fantastic and eye catching photos are an excellent way to keep their attention but it seems that everyone is competing with their own content and photos.

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Seeing the same icons on our computer every day is boring. We need a change from time to time in order to have a better experience. And changing the icons is free and easy. All you need to do is to find new icons, know the correct dimensions and know how to change the icons. But don’t worry. All three things will be explained in this article.

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