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South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited is a new bank in Bangladesh. It is the 4th generation bank. To run its new branches, it needs new fresh, vigor, energetic young candidates for Senior Officer.

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Online shopping is far different than shopping in a physical store for myriad reasons, and it is important to think about these differences when constructing a store of your own. For example, the mere idea of a shopping cart is far different because an online cart has to provide people with information, such as the total value of everything that they have added to it, before taxes and shipping. Another thing to think about is the fact that people are buying things – and paying right away for them – that they do not actually expect to own for a week or more. 

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Facebook is already popular for best social network. Most of Facebook users have their own page. Today I’ll share a new feature modified in Facebook Page by which you can understand who post new article/picture/video etc.

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