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On Sep 3, 2012 World’s First marriage on earth was held by Twitter at Istanbul in Turkey.

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Back in April, Google released its Penguin update that really shook up the SEO world. Many websites were penalized due to certain SEO tactics used, mainly trying to target spam and trash links. But the aftermath of Penguin left a lot of companies and sites scrambling to get their links down with link removal tools. These sites were penalized for certain link building tactics, or rather penalized for link building tactics taking place on a given site. Now Matt Cutts is saying that a new update to Penguin may be on its way.

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Recently HSC result published in Bangladesh. Huge students got GPA 5. So admission in University will be a tough competition.

Today I add here all university links of Bangladesh. Mainly University of Bangladesh categorized in 3 types:

  • Public (government owned and subsidized),
  • Private (private sector owned universities),
  • International ( funded by international organizations ).

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In order to observe 20th anniversary of the very first picture uploaded to the internet by World Wide Web founder  Berners-Lee on 1992 18 July, the picture was released recently. The first uploaded picture was the members of USA comedy band Les Horribles Cernettes. All the members of this group are women. This group met in a music concert recently arranged in Geneva. This concert was arranged to celebrate 20th anniversary of the very first picture uploaded to the internet.

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BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) took 33rd BCS preliminary exam on June 1, 2012. It is the biggest public job exam in Bangladesh. All job seekers who are below 30 (Age Limit) can participate in this exam. On June 28, 2012 33 BCS Preliminary Result published.

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