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Recently Bankers’ Selection Committee Secretariat of BB declared new job vacancies on the post Senior Officer for the following banks. Here are details: 

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A woman is beautiful by her appearance & she is great because of her contribution and responsibilities to her family. But her greatness should not take her dreams away. The most active time of a woman (i.e. 20 years to 40 years) is spent in household responsibility as well as raising children. On the other hand,  men pass their time to achieve success in career. Although both have acquired similar academic  qualification, woman has to let go her dream, skill and vision because she has got other responsibilities on her shoulder.

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Today’s Doodle celebrates Pohela Boishakh of Bengali New Year 1425. The day begins with colorful street festivals mark the start of a new year in the lunisolar calendar. The calendar was originally started by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar the Great, who introduced the calendar to facilitate tax collections in the spring—just after the harvest.

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