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How are you enjoying London Olympic 2012? After the dazzling Opening ceremony, the games are going on. Everyday we are excited to know which country is getting latest medal – Gold, Silver or Bronze. 

London 2012 App has all detailed information on Olympic 2012 events, game schedule, venues etc. By browsing this app you can know all information of all participated countries. You can also set reminders for your favorite sports. So whenever that sports will start, you’ll be notified by this app. This app supports English, Dutch, Russian, French, Italy, Japanese, Korean etc. languages.

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Password is always talk among internet users. There are lots of tips how to develop strong password. But still we see everyday lots of sites hacked due to poor password.

Hackers are increasing regularly. Their main target social network sites & mail accounts. Also old & new websites are attacked by hackers at a regular basis.

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The 2012 London Olympics is knocking at the door. It will start from 27 July & lasts 12 Aug 2012. It will be watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world during August. But if you want to get some of the best coverage and comment online then following one or more of these blogs is a good idea.

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Password is an important part of net users. Every user has something in net which he keeps it safes through password. Sometimes we get tired of thinking of passwords. Making a password is not easy as we think. Again we need to change it after 2-3 months.

But if you know a website link you can do it easily by just clicking generate password.

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