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After a big announcement of the length of the tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters, Twitter expands name upto 50 character long. It’s a huge revolution in microblogging site Twitter. Previously, we can add only 20 characters as display name. Lots of people criticize about this issue. So from now on we don’t need no more abbreviations!

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Shah Rukh Khan is one of the popular figures in India. He is a great all time Indian film actors. He is regarded as lots of name – “Badshah of Bollywood”, “King Khan”, “King of Romance”,”The King of Bollywood”. He has performed in romantic movies as well as action movies. Salman Khan performed in 75 Hindi films.

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Twitter is the best micro blogging site. Every blogger must need a twitter account to spread his blog. It is a one kind of marketing. Here you can update your status in only 140 letters. By default, we can’t add any symbol with status.

But if you know this tips, you can add symbol with your status.

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At last Twitter officially launched picture sharing service. From June, the service started but for a limited edition. From August, it is open to all.

Twitter authority said, “Now Twitter users can publish their tweet as well as picture. Our long time research has been successful.”

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