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Google already observed its 15 Birthday with nice interactive Google Doodle. December 24 observed as Happy Holiday on Christmas Eve. In the previous year 2012, we see interactive Google Doodle on Christmas Eve. But this time it is not interactive. It is just a fixed image. The picture is depicting Winter season. On the Winter eve, two people are riding on horse cart.

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For different reasons, we save our data in online. There are several sites to save data in online for example, SkyDrive, ADrive, Amazon cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. the interesting thing is that all these services are free. Among all these services, I think Dropbox is the most popular among users. It is also free service which helps you to save all your photos, doc files and videos everything. Now you can save everything Dropbox app.  

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Its common that everyone has Gmail account. Gmail account is important to get all features. If you are blogger or important person, you’ll get tons of mails everyday. So you have to open gmail in a new tab whole day. But sometimes its difficult to open Gmail tab for a long time without any reason. No more worry. Here is a solution.

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