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We already heard lots of record of Facebook- Most Facebook fans by celebrity post, most comment in celebrity post,  How to add Blank Status in Facebook etc. Today I’ll share a record which we never think before. The most aged Facebook user – Anna Stoehr of Plainview, Minnesota recently died.

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We never know when any trouble or accident will come. It happens at a sudden moment. Its better for everyone to be careful at every step & try to take care of oneself at a regular basis. If you are smartphone user, a small but helpful android app will work as a first aid kit. 

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The truth is that Americans use a lot of internet. However, despite how much it feels that Americans are “plugged in” every day, and despite the fact that the majority of the top five largest data centers in the world are in the United States, Europe still leads the way in most bandwidth usage.

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We already know the best Search Engine – Google. It has a feature which is called Google Drive where you can save everything. Previously the feature is available only for PC & Laptop. Now it is available for Smartphone, tablet etc. all gadgets.

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Umbilical cord blood banking isn’t a popular new trend, but an established service with the potential to grow with the development of new collection kits providing everything necessary to preserve materials until they are safely logged at a storage facility. All the benefits of cord blood banking—previously limited—are now available to every family, even those intending to birth at home.

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Automobile insurance coverage can save your organization from many situations that are not the fault of your employee. While he or she may be an excellent driver, it doesn’t mean that everyone else on the road has the same level of competence. While car insurance is a common practice in personal and business expenses, there are more situations that could ultimately damage the functionality of the business without coverage. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

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Not unlike automotive designers, engineers and manufacturers, the technology found on all cruise ships continually advances. Innovations in electronics encompass all aspects of the vessel from the way a boat handles to providing passengers with a wide selection of convenient amenities. The technology varies from one vessel to the next and depends on whether the ship is a smaller dinner cruise yacht or a large open-ocean going vessel. Zero speed stabilizers, for example, are named for the function that they provide. When docked, the stabilizers keep the vessel completely still regardless of water current strength or wave height.

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