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Facebook is already most popular social network. But recently Google Plus launched with high hope. But still we are not sure if Google Plus beat Facebook.

Here are some pictures which show Google Plus is more powerful than Facebook.

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Facebook is the most popular social community network. English is the default language of Facebook. When we log in Facebook, we see English language. Most of us don’t interested to use Facebook in own language. But you can use Facebook in your own language too. You just need change default English language in your own. Facebook has lots of language like Francais, Deustch, Japanese, Italian, Bengali, Hindi etc. There are more than 50 language versions.

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I already shared lots of Facebook tips. Today I’ll discuss an important topic on Facebook. Have you ever ashamed by your friend when he tagged a picture? Tagging means your friend informs you that he added a picture & it also showed in your profile page. When any of your friend want to share his picture, video, news etc. he can tag it easily by adding friends name. When the tagged picture is visible in your profile page, all of your friends will also see this tagging picture. So if there is any adult content or unauthorized picture, video it brings shame on tagged person.

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