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Twitter is the best micro blogging site. Every blogger must need a twitter account to spread his blog. It is a one kind of marketing. Here you can update your status in only 140 letters. By default, we can’t add any symbol with status.

But if you know this tips, you can add symbol with your status.

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At last Twitter officially launched picture sharing service. From June, the service started but for a limited edition. From August, it is open to all.

Twitter authority said, “Now Twitter users can publish their tweet as well as picture. Our long time research has been successful.”

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There is no doubt that Twitter is the best micro-blogging site. From the start of Twitter, there is no official Twitter follow button. So 3rd party developer make different types of follow button. I also added in my site previously. But now Twitter officially launched follow me button. It is very cool to look at & it doesn’t take enough space.

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I already published some posts on Facebook Share Tweet in Facebook, security tips using Facebook, how to change account name, how to add username. Sometimes we don’t want to share our friends list to others. It gives us more security. Facebook is constantly changing its interface, secure policy, privacy policy etc. Here I add how to hide your friend list from others. This information is built on by latest interface.

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Facebook is constantly changing its interface. It is  also adding new features one by one. Today I share new feature of Facebook – Subscribe Feature. By this feature users can follow their favorite authors, personalities, journalists, artists, political figures, co-workers and read their public updates in your News Feed. This feature allows you to follow them, even if they are not your friends.

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