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The new social network Google Plus is going to be popular day by day. It is adding new features at a regular basis. The last feature is definitely Google Plus Page. I already published an article on How to create Google Plus Page & How to add Google Plus Page badge in your website. But after creating a Google Plus Page, if you think it is useless you can delete it easily.

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I already shared how to make Google Plus page. You can make the page to publicize your website or any product you like. Google Plus Page is same like as Facebook page. It has a like button too. So anyone can join easily by clicking Google Plus Page Button.

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Dictionary is part & parcel of our life. Everyday we hear lots of new words. Are all these words familiar to us? The foreigners who are not origin of English language find difficult to learn English. At that time dictionary helps lot.

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31st October,2011 is the historical day for World population. World population crossed 7 billion on this day. Population are increasing at a rapid pace. BBC launched a programme by which you can know your birth number. Although I don’t believe it, still you can enjoy to see your birth number.

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