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Facebook is the most popular social network. I think one of the good reason for popularity is Facebook chatting. Today I share a tricks by which you can send a file easily when you are chatting. It means Facebook chat has same features like yahoo messenger or Google chat.

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At present, Google plus & Facebook are two giant social networks. But still there are lots of difference in both these networks. We know that when you add any article in Google plus, it quickly index in Google Search Engine. Today I share a post by which you can measure your profile popularity of Google Plus & check your Google Plus profile statistics too.

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Too many emails & no time to read!!!!  A common problem faced by many.  If you don’t have time to act & ignore the message, you tend to lose track of it. A reminder is the only way you can read the ignored email afterwards.

We have a perfect solution for your unread email problems; Snooze app. As the name suggests, the app helps you to snooze your emails so that you can access them after a couple of hours & even days.

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