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Recently a Facebook group make a Guinness World Record for most comments on a single post. Many people say it is a useless record. But I think it is a record too. The name of the group is Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt. The name shows that this group authority build it to make Guinness World Record.

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Too many emails & no time to read!!!!  A common problem faced by many.  If you don’t have time to act & ignore the message, you tend to lose track of it. A reminder is the only way you can read the ignored email afterwards.

We have a perfect solution for your unread email problems; Snooze app. As the name suggests, the app helps you to snooze your emails so that you can access them after a couple of hours & even days.

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Google Chrome already show great impact in Web Browser. I already shared some famous Chrome extensions. This is another one. Delibookmarks extension integrates your Delicious bookmarks with Google Chrome and keeps them in sync for easy access.

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