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Youtube is the most popular site to watch music videos, tutorial videos, documentary videos, new movie release video, funny videos etc. The main thing is all videos are in HD format. So visitors can watch video in classic mode. I already published an article on Youtube – Watch Indian TV Serials On Youtube. But still entertainer face a problem in Youtube – download issue. Youtube has not officially download link.You can still download Youtube video by instaliing a Firefox addon – Flash Video Downloader – Youtube Downloader.

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Email is the best place to share any attached files with others. But there is a problem. When you attach any .exe file, mail doesn’t allow it to send. It thinks it as a virus file. Another thing you have limited space to attach a file.

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If you want to buy a domain, it costs average $10-$15. But there are some domains which cost million $ to buy. The top sold expensive domain is Its value $16 million. Internet marketing firm QuinStreet purchased this domain. The 2nd expensive domain is for $14 million.

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